Standalone Digital Video Recorder
Features of  Sandalone DVR with wireless remote control:
(1). Power supply: This DVR applies AC 90-240 voltage indoor power supply (build-in).
(2). Video input: 4 channels / Video output: 2 Channels
(3). May choose any one of the four video channels for surveillance and recording as well as four channels recording simultaneously;
(4). Three optional levels of image quality : High/normal/low. Frame rate change enable for recording;
(5). Compression mode : Modified MJPEG
(6). Compatible with NTSC and PAL format;
(7). Support alarm recording and time recording;
(8). Multi-function searches :  be able to distinguish alarm records and time record from ordinary record; Be able to search by time or by segment(previous segment, next segment, first segment and last segment, etc);
Support various playback modes : pause/2x/3x/4x fast forward and backward play:
Automatic spot protection when power-off, automatic resume when power on;
(9). Four alarm input and one alarm output;
(10). Equipped remote device;
(11). PTZ control enable
(12). Totally independent from PC platform, thoroughly keeping away from shutdown caused by inappreciative operations, complicated management and operation, and virus infection.
Recoding using hardisk upto 120gbx2pcs
Alarm sensor inputx4 and outputx 1
Dvr with wireless remote control
PTZ control / RS485 for Keyboard funtion and Build-in power 90v-240vAC