Model:              4ch  DVR-SOHO

Display Division:     1-4 display
Video input:          4x BNC
Operation System:     Embedded Linux Operation System in Flash ROM	
Record:               NTSC 320X240, 649X489	
Resolution:           PAL 360X288, 720X576
Compression Record:   MJPEG/MPEG4
Display Record:       124 Frame/sec  480 frames/sec 
Record Speed:         100-120 to 244 frames/sec
Recording mode:       Continuous, Schedule, motion Detection, Manual
Recording Quality:    Low/Medium/High/Best
Motion Detection:     1-6 Motion Detection Zone for Each Channel
Data Search:          Search by Date, Time, Camera Titles, Alarm log or Tag
Remote Control:       Remote Surveillance or Setup Through IE Browser
Data Back:            1.44 Floppy, CD-RW, Mobile HD
Network Connection:   PSTN LAN, Internet
Access Control:       System Administrator/Local User/Remote User
Alarm Notification:   Border Blinking/Message Display/Audio warning/Record/fax/Phone call out/Email
External Alarm:       Optional external alarm trigger(NO/NC)
                      4 inputs/4 outputs per set Max. 16 inputs
P/T/Z Control:        Fast Dome and Pan/Tilt Control
Other:                Watch Dog Function
Internal Storage:     Maximum 2 HDD Standard. 
Optional storage:     Up to 6 HDD with IDE card or Raid 5.