new york city. focus your eyes. image- SuperStock, Inc.

enter a world of blurred boundaries. a place where logic is entangled in a web of emotions. a dynamic milieu where change is the only constant yet permanence seems to be everywhere. the force of eccentricity incessantly revolutionizes every aspect of the environment. read. contemplate. extract.

daily comments. UPDATED experience the uncertainty of life.
eccentric message board. express yourself.
peculiar gallery. UPDATED. visit. breathe art.
bizarre poll. ENDING SOON! an enjoyable activity. come in.
don's super site. an entire library of pictures and good comments.
john rhee's rival site. competition is the mother of innovation.
unfinished biography. coming soon.
featured friend. coming soon.
memory. temporary storage for old content.
weird music. coming soon.
red pocket. "you can do anything with a red pocket."

be patient. the metamorphosis will be complete.