How it all started...

Our philosophy is simple : To provide all pets with quality healthy and nutritious treats that not only teases your petís palates, but also provides them with good nutrition all round.
It all started with Molly, a Miniature Bull terrier, a breed notorious for their skin problems. Being a show dog, dry skin and brittle hair just couldnít quite cut in the harsh dog show world. I put her on a premium dog food which did alleviate the problem, but her condition was not satisfactory enough. Her elbows were raw and itchy and so was her body with numerous hot spots on her paws. So I decided to bake some cookies for her, incorporating flax seed, olive oil and wheat germ as ingredients for her skin and coat problems, and it worked! Her elbows stopped being raw and itchy and the fur on her body and limbs started coming in better. She managed to finish her Championship recently with the help of a well balanced super premium dog food and nutritious home baked cookies.
Along came a friend who owned a Japanese Spitz, Mitzi, and she was concerned over the use of preservatives in some commercial dog treats that were reputed to cause cancer. Together, for the love of our pets, we decided to start PET HEALTH BARKERY with a mission to provide healthy, nutritious food for dogs and cats of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Using only carefully chosen quality organic human-grade ingredients, we strive to improve our petsí health at affordable prices. So why not seize the day and order some today, your pets will love you for it. 


Check out our very own Champion Molly

Molly attained her Championship on the 15th December 2002  Asian kennel Union Championship dog show.

She has also achieved two Reserve Challenge Certificates in the recent SKC dog show held on 13 July 2003. We are most proud of her achievements!!!