Came to this world in 1983 and into a lovely family where I am the eldest and
only child.
      But this happiness of mine did not last long as my mother somehow suffered from a mental order without any valid reason. And to be honest, right now I even do not know whether is she dead or alive. To make things worst, my grandmother who had been looking after me since my mother mishap passed away. This resulted me having  lesser kin as I am left only with my father. But that did not mean that I am having a very close ties with my father. As he has to work to support me in education and himself too. As a result, at that point of time I am looked after by a guardian. And this was where I started my kindergarten and primary school studies.
      Eventually, six years have passed and I am going for secondary studies. This was when my decided to get marry again. At first, I did not agree as this new woman was a stranger to me. But in the end, I did not object strongly. As I believed that my father needs someone to show care, concern and love for him and same goes to me.
      As a result, this stranger became my new mother. In the early stages with her, I find it weird on her mother love to me. Maybe I supposed there was no blood ties between me and her. Even now, I still feel it abit odd.
      Right now, I am in a family of five. They are my father, step-mother, a sister. a younger brother and me. And I wish that all of us will be healthy and lead a happy lifestyle forever hopefully.