Honestly speaking, I am not an ambitious person. But that does not mean I am a slacking person. The reason why I said that was because I do not like to set high expectations on myself. As what if I do not achieve it, I will be demoralise. Therefore I rather see myself happy then sad.
     As for the future, I aim to complete my polytechnic studies and hopefully can be able to enter an university(either local or overseas) to further my studies. But before doing so, I have to take one thing at a time. That means I will have to settle my current polytechnic studies before going for National Service(NS).
      During and after my NS, I think I feel the need to keep track with the outside world. Meaning I have to get involves in the newest computer softwares and technologies so as not to be outdated when I step into the working world. And if I am eligible for a university course, I will surely go for it.
      Upon completing either NS or university(if can). I aim to look for a suitable job before starting a family. So that my kids and wife will not be affected if somehow I lose my job due to various reasons.