During my free time, I have to play computer games such as counterstrike(Cs) and some strategy games like Age of Kings(AOK) and Age of Mythology(AOM). To be honest, this hobby of mine has caused me spending lots of money in it. For example my addictive to Cs. During this period of time, I went to internet cafes regularly to play it. This resulted me playing up to ten hours per day and up to five days weekly. As a result a big amount of money was spent in it. Therefore in order to stop spending more money, I started to find an alternative to kill my desire. Finally, I bought the original game package and started playing at home. To my relief in this way, my pockets are no longer burning.


      Besides gaming, I like to read soccer magazines too. As personally, I love to play soccer as my outdoor activity Therefore every month, I will buy plenty of magazines just on soccer topics alone and read it during my idle time.
      Other then the above two hobbies, I also like to go outings such as watching a movie, shopping and having some games of pool.