These pictures are taken during my trip to Thailand in June 2003. I did not go there alone nor with my family members. But with my secondary school buddies It was an enjoyable holiday for all of us.

We went to quite a number of places like Kangchanlaburi, which is a few kilometers  away from Bangkok. (Its picture is on your left.) I have forgotten the actual name of this place in the photo. But I remembered the tour guide told us that long ago these structures were covered with gold and it was during an invasion as the Siamese royal troops retreated. Its enemy began to monopolise this area and started craving the gold off these structures. 


Besides visiting the famous structures, we also made a visit to this "Death Railway". It was a very famous railway in Thailand as it was built during the Second World War(WW2) under the Japanese occupation and took thousands of Prisoners of War(POWs) to build this structure. These POWs were mainly Chinese, Malay and British caught during WW2. 

Other than the above two visits, we also went to the floating market. It was a great sights for us as we have never seen such a market before. Furthermore, the food items there sell cheaply.


Lastly, before our return to Singapore. We made our last visit to this most famous institute in Thailand known as Chulalongkorn University. He(Chulalongkorn) was a very famous king during his reign and maintained peace and order throughout his control.