During my primary school days in Bukit Ho Swee, I frequently took part in art competitions. As I love to draw and make models either by ice-cream sticks or plasticines.
    I still remembered once I took part in a competition (my apology as I have forgotten the year) and make a model of a pirate ship and a car using ice-cream sticks. To my relief, both my models came in second throughout the whole school. At that point of time, I was simply over the moon as it was my first time to win prizes. Even though the prizes were not grand, a gift voucher of about thirty dollars (if I'm not wrong) had already made me happy.
    But sad to say, I did not take a picture of my models and I have probably misplaced it as in the later stages of my studies, I have moved to a new house. If not, I will definitely let you have a view of my models.
    Next comes in are my certificates achieved during my secondary school days. Some of it are shown below.

This was my first scholarship certificate achieved in secondary
three. (1998)
My participation in the Mathematical Olympiad. Sadly, I never won any
prizes and in turn never bring glory to my school. (1999)
Achieved my total defence certificate but only a bronze during my days
in National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC). (1999)
My participation in the flag day. (2000)
My NPCC leaving certificate. (2000)