1988      Started off my studies at a kindergarten in Bukit Ho Swee Community Centre for a year.

1989      After my first phrase of study, next came my studies in PAP under Kim Seng branch for a year.

1990      After my two years of basic learning, I started my primary school studies in Bukit Ho Swee till 1995.

1996      I was enrolled to Queenstown Secondary School under normal academic stream for five years till

2000      After completed my 'N' and 'O' levels, I went for higher learning in Ngee Ann   Polytechnic(NP) under Mechanical Engineering.

2001      A bad year for me as I quited my studies in NP due to some personal problems.

2002      A fresh and new year for me as I am enrolled into Nanyang Polytechnic(NYP) under
             Manufacturing Engineering for a three years course.

2003      Which is now, I am currently continuing my second year studies in NYP.