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When i first used a computer which is about 20 years ago , it was a 8086 intel, and there was no hard disks. It had  2 flooppy drive and a monochrome monitor.

As technology moves on, the computers age has evolved into a super fast Personel computer which has almost everyone hooked on to it.

Imagine today , the speed of the computer is about 4Gigahertz cpu, and with the accessories  of  today , you can do almost alot of things with it.

Imagine , you can talk to your friends , video conference , fax ,print etc.Not mention listening to songs ,watching video , recording video too. and the very normal thing is surfing the internet , where the world is just a few clicks away.

Computers as in notebook , palm book etc , will definately change our way of life, will be easier or would be tough , it is up to the individual to decide or make full use of it to their convienenice or  advantage.

The only thing we could look for  is what would the PCs be like in the next 20 years. 100 gigahertz???