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" when a man Lies he murders some part of the world - these are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives. All this I cannot bear to witness any longer."
My name is Rahu Shahreil a.k.a. rocquerz age 34 yrs as on this year 2004, currently happy working in Singapore. I enjoyed Music especially on Mp3 format played on PC. My favouritecolour is black. I like Tahu n Tempeh and my favourite drink is Teh Tarik. I luv strawberry flavoured ice cream. I also addicted to PC game as in FIFA 2002 and Mech Warrior 3.
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My lucky number is 3 and my favourite letter is M coz it appears a lot of impact on my life such as.......Metallica n Megadeth - Mc Donalds - Microsoft - Macromedia - Mp3- Manchester United lastly Members beb........ anyway this simple webpage khas for all my friends who always rindu and want to get know better of me...... tenguk lah gambar ni puas2 OK? Yezzzz ............I will answer ur call Insya Allah for those who buzz me - and for those who want to be my friend I salute you juzzz mail me with this address below...... C U then
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