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28th November 2007
SCGS Concert Band has moved!

24th March 2007
message from jasmine.
hey, sorry to everyone for this very dead website since last year. got quite busy with my own band and own school work so kinda neglected this place. but well, i got motivated to revamp this site again for the reminder that i got from miss ng the other day about "gold fields"! i hope people still remember what did gold fields sorta symbolise, but never mind if you don't because you'll get a layout specially for you girls.

anyway, finally, you girls know when's your syf this year! well, it's really obvious that the authorities are kinda slow this year, since it's only three weeks from syf and they only ballotted for the dates the past week! but never mind, though this three weeks are really crucial for you girls, i hope you all take great care, take lots of rest since the journey to syf is a tedious one and it's so full of obstacles! drink lots of water, take less chocolates (since it's so heaty and it makes you fat anyway) and rest well!

also, congrats on your slot at SCH! it's like, finally too! let me believe that you're all damn happy that you've got a slot since it's really crucial for a band to have a soundcheck at the venue and since SCH no longer sound like what it used to be, or what it sounded like two years back! okay, but SCH dont make sound, it's the band, so yeah. in any case, make full use of the chance to have a good soundcheck, since lots of efforts have been taken by the instructors to get that slot!

all in all, in case i sounded like some mad person the other day, i just wanna say that i hope you all continue to strive for music excellence and of course, you must enjoy what you're playing. let the judges indulge in the fantastic piece that you're playing, do justice to the piece. and i was really surprised the other day because i was planning to go back for a short visit and leave sc with the disappointed feeling that i got very long ago, BUT NO! i think you all improved a lot, although there's still room for improvements! this is honest opinion, so please please please continue to perfect your music, make music come alive, and touch the judges heart!


love lots, jasmine (: (perc 05)

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