CLaSs CHaLeT on 14/05/02 - 16/05/02
At Aranda Country Club (Suite 2304)  

Written by Bernice & Guifeng

tHe UpToWn G|rLz oF oRi 01

Early in the morning, Ber went to collect birthday cake which has been booked the previous day at prima... 2.5kg worth of truffles. Fong and Xiong went to Kel's home to get baggage and last minute shopping for Chacoal and stuff. 4 of us then took a cab down to NTUC resort to (presumed by Fong) (-_-lll) sorry lah... check in... however, it was supposed to be directly at Aranda resort itself.  Thus we lugged all the 'da bao xiao bao' and finally checked in at 1430 on the 14th of May. Waited for Fong's ma to come for approx 1 hr... Arrived too early liao. cake was all spongy by then... 

Only 6 people checked in.... Ber, Kel, Fong, Xiong, Jason, CK. 4 of em went to collect the BBQ food while Jason goes ard complaining about the conditions of the chalet and Ber stocks up the dry stuff. Afterwhich, pretty boring stuff was done.... watching VCDs in chalet... gosh. starting of fire that took like almoz 3 hrs...

  hJ cOoKiNg SaTaY!         cHeErS~

BORING!!! De food was cooked slowly and people started streaming in at all sorts of time as the VCD of Moulin Rouge and Majong show was played. Q, Renee, Felicia, Charlene, Bessy, Junda, Alex, Lucius, Weihao, ZhiHong, HaiJie, Sam and FINALLY at 12mn: Sebas.

BBQing, cutting the birthday cake for the first year people but only Jason and CK was present.

 cK & jAsOn CuT cAkElooking very ahem? Wedding aint it?

Eh? then of course the Group2 “kiss e cake ritual.

Ck KiSsInG cAkE  nOw JaSoN's TuRn  dUn ChEaT!

Normally after cutting the cake you eat them. Well, this is one of the normal occasion? which does not lead to this oN bErNiCe'S bDaE Or  oN bErNiCe'S bDaE which?happened on 31/07/01

tHe GiRLs oUr cLaSs

After eating the cake, some of us (Ber, Kel, Renee, Fong, xiong, Jason, Lucius, Alex, Junda, Samuel) went to swimming pool but got chased out, embarrassment. while some started to go home. Had to go to the ankle height swimming pool to avoid attracting unwanted attention upon ourselves but we failed miserably, got chased out again.

Upon reaching the chalet, Bathing Q formed Even during chalet had to do skit. chum. STRESS

  aCt HaRdWoRkIng

Then? TRUTH OR DARE at approx 2am?the darers: Xiong, Haijie, Jason, Kel, Ber, Fong, Lucius, Alex, Sam, Renee.
LOTS of kissing here and there butt dance, striping...
LUCKILY camera spoilt? But:

sHaKe BaNaNa pEeL bAnAnA  fRy BaNaNade BANANA DANCE caught on camera?

Fong got kissed by Haijie, Sam (Fong: on my hands only lah, dun make it sound so?you know lah. Btw, Haijie took very long to "make his last word to his mother" before he kiss, why guys so po ma one...) and KiSSed Jason! Kel&Xiong Danced Waltz.. Ber&Kel had to do butt dance, imagine the Full Name of Ber’s. CHUM. Ber&Lucius had to hmm I shall leave that out. Harharz. Privacy is the best POLICY  (Fong: you talk abt other leaving yourself out huh? Let me help you say lah. Nothing much lor, just that Ber gotta KISS Lucius and Lucius gotta KISS Ber AGAIN)

After that, MAhJONG and cards (heartattack, Bluff, blahblah... took up most of the time, munching on Maggie Mee, Apple Strudel, Bread, Home-made brownies, Honey stars, Biscuits, all sorts. Ber asleep by this time, let me say what happened (in details); Sebas, Lucius, Sam & me play card, if u have how many cards in the end of the game, you got to do how many push up. While some four or five people playing mahjong thru the night. All the way till Breakfast at 10am on 15/05/02 horrigibletangle food at the Foodcourt…then? mahjong Aga|n.

All ‘cept for 6 of the original gang stayed on , cleaning up the whole area and cooking at approx 3pm. Porriage, sardine, canned food totally…chatted on till pretty late from 6pm-10pm (sooOOOoo family). Xiong cutted his finger and he keeps complaining that Ber wrapped it up like some kinda cast. so ungrateful WANG EN FU YI! we have a “family dinner" with “daddy"Jason starting with a prayer and we start eating. We joke and have our meal, I’m wondering why we haven’t got choke. Afterwhich we tried to get to the beach?but got lost after walking for approx 1hr liao. then found out LST accompanied by Jason’s comlawalacom so decided to fish instead at the bridge at Pasir Ris Park. bought another loaf of applestrudel. KFXJ played abit of mahjong and zzZzZZzZzZZz till Ber woke em all up at 0845am on 16/05/02. Lemme describe the different Rxns. harharz.

Fong: Huh? *sat right Straight up* Orgh?
CK: *jumped slightly breath in* Okk?
Xiong: *flip to the other side* hmpf Then *sit up*
Jason: *look straight in the eye momentarily then cover face with blanket* what time already??
Kelly: *squirm away from person waking her up*? toss&turn* 10mins ltr. haiya, yao si le.

We then finish up the applestrudel and pack up…lost 2 mugs? $6|-

Then watched StarWars at WhiteSands where Kel fell aslp and Ber marveled at the costumes. fong dead tired and the guys emotionlez. the seats were 4/2. Seperated? hmm... Intentionally or accidental? I duno. =p That’s the end of our wonderful supposedly grp2 chalet. 6 people only. hmm?$400|-

P.s. the same six people to check-in, and the same six people to check out. Interesting. And Check out the rest of the photo at Gallery (Class Chalet 02')