Discover Multiple Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Businesses As Set Up And Marketed By TOP Internet Entrepreneurs From Around The World!

245 Letter-Size Pages, PDF Format
Comes With Master Resell Rights
For You To Make Money From Immediately!

Mark Joyner
#1 Best-Selling Author of
"Mind Control Marketing"

"I've often said that the most powerful form of business knowledge is system models. If you have a model for a system that works, you can use it to spawn countless ideas and projects.

"What Sen Ze has put together here is the only known compilation of Internet Marketing models and should be required reading. It will help you to 'see the battlefield' in a way that normally requires years of study.

"This is one of the few truly useful sources of information I've seen."

Discover also how you can set up your very own low-cost, high-profit Internet Business with this Mini-Encyclopedia by next week - even if you've never set one up before, and you have absolutely no web designing or programming skills!

From the Laptop of Sen Ze

Wednesday, 10am.

Dear Aspiring Home-Based Internet Entrepreneur,

How would you like to own and operate a STRING of Internet Businesses all generating THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for you every month even as you laze around in your pajamas at home?

And how would you like to do this with an operating cost of less than $300 a year for EACH Internet Business that you do?

That's A YEAR.


Especially when you know that a conventional business would GOBBLE up thousands of dollars PER MONTH in the rental of office space alone, and you haven't taken into account the staff's salaries yet?

Well, believe it.

Because that's the truth, IF you know EXACTLY what to do!

My name is Sen Ze. I'm been an Internet Entrepreneur and Coach for many years now after having been exposed to the power of Internet Entrepreneurship way back in 1995.

Just so that you know that I'm not spewing hot air - I currently own multiple Internet Businesses selling various products and services.

One generates very qualified leads for my services as a Mind-Reader (I charge $3,000.00 for a 45-minute show). Another generates very qualified leads for my services as a Corporate Trainer in the areas of sales, marketing, teamwork and leadership (my partner and I charge $3,000.00 - $6,000 or more for a workshop session depending on the duration and number of participants).

Yet another sells a product on getting the Media to feature you or your business for free (the Deluxe version costs $697 and is worth every cent as you can get tens of thousands of dollars' worth of "advertising" back from the media - completely free). And there's another one selling access to a suite of online Point-And-Click web site templates, tools, software and tutorials to enable business owners to easily and quickly set up their web sites on the Internet and market them effectively to make money online - even if they've never done anything like it before or possess designing or programming skills (pay either $29.97 a month or $297 a year and save 2 months).

I use 5 different credit card Processors for different web sites to accept payment from my Customers. Just one of them has processed exactly $360,098.65 in sales. Here's a screenshot of my statement:

However, I sometimes take a back seat and REFER Customers to other Merchants to earn a commission for every sale. This depends on whether I've found other Merchants with great products that I can recommend to my Customers or Prospects on my lists.

And why not? On one very memorable occasion, my one-time referral made me $5,000.00 in commissions for sales made within a few days. I spent about a quarter of an hour composing that e-mail recommending a particular Merchant's product, and then just one second clicking on the "Send" button to my small database of extremely targeted Prospects. And five thousand bucks was the result within 72 hours. That's five thousand big ones for 15 minutes' work.

Which works out to $333.33 per minute.

That's a really nice number, in more ways than one.

Earn A Very Comfortable Living With
The Lowest Possible Overheads Ever
- Right In Your Pajamas At Home!

In addition, most of my Internet Businesses are operated by me alone. So I have very few employee problems to worry about, very low overheads each and every month, and only "work" as and when I feel like it!

I say this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that the Internet has opened up A WHOLE NEW WORLD of possibilities for entrepreneurs from AROUND THE WORLD who aspire to start a FREE OR LOW-COST Internet Business of their own and earn a VERY COMFORTABLE living with it without ever having to leave their homes or mortgage them in the process!

If you're one of them, and you want to get going very quickly with the right guidance, may I suggest that you get my one-of-a-kind Mini-Encyclopedia Of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models?

Not only that - discover how you can be in business one week from now and earn truckloads of cash after that with the same Mini-Encyclopedia!

But First, Here's What You
Will Discover In The Mini-Encyclopedia:

You get some jaw-dropping, eye-popping and heart-stopping insights into the world of E-Commerce as practised by TOP Internet Entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Discover not 1 or 2 but NINETEEN (19) Different, Killer Internet Business Models that you can study and emulate - saving you time, money and effort by eliminating guesswork entirely.

    Watch how some of the TOP Internet Entrepreneurs in the world make their money on the Internet using 19 different methods, ALL of which you can copy for your own.

    There isn't any other resource like it on the face of the planet.

    If you've bought other Internet Business and Internet Marketing courses before, you MUST check out the Mini-Encyclopedia. I'll show you some gems NOBODY else knows about.

  • How you can AUTOMATE your Internet Business 100% - selling products you don't have to stock or deliver.
    How to set up your Internet Business so that you can earn money in your sleep. Just wake up the next morning and watch your e-mail inbox filled with orders. There are many advantages with this Model, and some of the TOP Internet Entrepreneurs in the World are using it to make thousands of dollars every month for themselves.
  • How to choose from over 6 different Credit Card Processors
    The ability to accept credit card payments on your web site in REAL TIME is crucial to your Internet Business. Discover the BEST Credit Card Payment Processors for your Internet Business that you can set up within minutes, all without having to pay a monthly maintenance fee, or be subjected to credit checks. I will also show you the most appropriate Credit Card Payment Processors you can use for your particular Internet Business Model as not every Processor offers the same features and benefits.

  • How you can start accepting credit card payments from your customers with one particular Internet Business Model - WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY for setting up or maintaining a credit card merchant account.
    This is NOT the Associate Program model. Those customers are really YOUR own, and you OWN your store, which is also GIVEN to you FREE. You also can name your store whatever you want.

  • How you can have 100,000 or more potential customers for your products - OVERNIGHT - without paying a single cent upfront.
    This is one of the most powerful secrets you can have - and it's FREE for you to execute within a few minutes. INSTANTLY get customers you have never seen or heard from before.

  • How to create an Internet Business consisting of just LINKS to other web sites - and make money in the process.
    Not much for you to write here. Your content is mainly links. If you're short of words, this may well be the one for you.

  • How to make money by selling different combinations of the LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET using your web site, over and over again.
    Different combinations for different customers. Your software will automatically generate those combinations for them. Sell as many of them as you can from your web site.

  • How to make your web site visitors willingly market your web site for you for free - without having to pay them a single cent AT ANY TIME.
    No, this is not the Affiliate Program technique. They'll do it even if you don't ask them, provided you set it up right. When the traffic starts coming in from their efforts, you make your money.

  • How to use your Passion to fuel you to create a web site that will be the talking point for your target market, and make lots of money in the process, even if you have nothing to sell.
    Your target market will come back to it again and again. When they do, you make your money.

  • How to sell a unique product with a one-page web site that answers the FOUR DIFFERENT QUESTIONS your Prospects will always have in their minds.
    It's no good to answer 1, 2 or even 3 adequately. All 4 must be answered, or there will be no sale. Discover what those 4 questions are. If you sell a unique product, this is one of the best ways to do it.

  • How to create your web site to set you up as an Expert in your field in your Prospects' minds, to sell lots of your own products or services.
    You may be an expert in what you do, but do your Prospects know that? Here's how to do it naturally and have them think of you all the time every time they have a need for your type of services.

  • How you can ride on other people's time and effort in making money for themselves to create even more time and money for yourself.
    If there's one commodity you have in limited supply, it's time. Use the Internet and the efforts of others to create extra time for you. Use this extra time to make even more money for yourself.

  • How you can make your one-time sale of your product generate MORE one-time sales at the back
    How to create a particular type of product which willl automatically sell your Customers other products without any additional work on your part after you've done it one time.

  • How you can make your one-time sale of your product turn into RECURRING sales with a few special techniques
    Recurring sales will bring you income month after month. Turn your one-time sale into a repeating one without doing more than just selling that one product that you've created.

  • How you can make your WEB SITE automatically perform some service you normally provide physically, and multiply your efforts a thousand times without any corresponding increase in costs.
    If you're selling a certain type of service, your web site can be programmed to perform those services for you. Since everything is web based, there's no additional cost for you apart from hosting and of course, your credit card merchant account. Discover what sort of services can be done this way.

  • How to send out e-mail to your subscribers with their permission for FREE - and make lots of money with it.
    One Savvy Internet Entrepreneur discovered method this by mistake. Discover certain FREE content that you can get for your e-mails without having to credit anybody for them (this is legally done).

  • How to get your subscribers to willingly PAY for the e-mails you send them.
    E-mail costs you almost nothing to send to your subscribers. Here's how to get them to pay you for doing this. What type of content can you send out - and where can you get them for free legally?

  • How to make money by buying and selling Domain Names.
    One thing you should never do is to register new Domain names from scratch and then try to sell them. Discover why this is the case. Discover also the things to look out for to unearth very valuable names, and how to have at least 1 VERY INTERESTED party at all times who will beg you to take his money for it. In some cases, he will HUNT you down to do this within days of your acquisition!

  • How you can make money using the Internet - WITHOUT SELLING any product.
    Who says you must have a product first before you can start making money on the Internet? No product means no need to acquire or maintain a credit card merchant account, thus saving you lots of money.

  • How you can make money using the Internet - without HAVING TO PAY a Web Designer or Programmer to create a web site for you.
    Yes, you can EASILY create your own Web Site without any Programming Knowledge. I will point you to some great places you can go to that provide you with a Point-and-Click Web Site Builder that you can use to create your own good-looking Web Site in 2 hours or less - and save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in Web Designing and Web Site Creation fees.

  • How you can make money using the Internet - WITHOUT ANY WEB SITE at all.
    Who says you must have a Web Site before you can start making money on the Internet? I'll show you the Internet Business Models that do not require you to have a Web Site to make money - which means that you save time - if you're thinking of creating a Web Site yourself - and money - if you're thinking of getting a Web Designer create a Web Site for you.

  • A TOP web site where your target market go to BY THE TRUCKLOADS to search FOR YOUR Product.
    Want lots of free traffic to look at what you have to sell? This top web site gives them to you for free. Get listed here for a ridiculously low fee (listing is just about guaranteed for most types of products), and focus on your product and description. (In case you're wondering - no, it's not a Search Engine like Google or Yahoo, or Traffic Exchanges or Specialized Directories of any form.)

  • How you can easily MULTIPLY YOUR INTERNET PROFITS - without spending more or exerting a lot more effort in the process.

    I had no visitors to my web site selling this manual when I completed it, and yet I sold 10 copies of it as soon as I released it on a very small scale many years ago - making a total of $670 in sales on my very first day. When you go from zero to a few hundred in the space of a day, this is quite an achievement considering I wasn't doing it on a big scale. Let me show you how you can do the same for your own product - ANY PRODUCT.

    Not only that - let me show you how one very clever Internet Entrepreneur who makes over $200,000 a year doing nothing but sending out jokes via e-mail actually DOUBLED his profits by just THINKING a bit more without having to increase his efforts significantly at the same time.
  • How you can start your Internet Business - with a ZERO SET UP budget.
    Yes, this is really true. Not a single cent to pay to set up your Internet Business, if you follow this Internet Business Model.
  • If you're a Consultant (tax consultant, lawyer, financial planner, etc):
    Discover how to get MORE work at HIGHER fees from now on by doing a little extra work - one time. Some savvy Consultants get this concept, but the majority are not getting it.

    Discover also how you can easily CLONE yourself so that you can reach out to MORE people WITHOUT more effort and earn MORE money in the process. Easily put yourself in the minds of more prospects without having to do extra work.

    Discover what Domain Name to register for your Internet Business that CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN by your Prospects or Customers. This is so easy, but not being used often enough for some reason. An $8.00 a year Domain Name is also one of your biggest assets - but you must choose the right one for yourself.

    Discover how to use one of the best off-line methods of marketing your services that ENHANCES your on-line marketing methods 10-fold - while creating for you yet ANOTHER source of income. I absolutely love this method and am using it to devastating effect.

  • If you provide a physical service to your Customers to make a living (car mechanic, chiropractor, dog-trainer, etc):
    Discover how to provide your type of services to people from all over the world - without having to be there in person - and multiply your earnings manyfold. Your visitors WILL get their services after having been to your web site - but you can be sleeping while the service is being delivered. This is one of the TOP sources of income you can create for yourself, which can TOTALLY eliminate the physical work that you do.

  • How to give FREE and DETAILED, STEP-BY-STEP instructions to your Prospects with the sole intention of giving them the ability to handle their problem themselves - and make LOTS of money in the process, even if you've held NOTHING back.
    This is a jaw-dropping concept that very few are even aware of. The MORE you give away with an open heart, the MORE you will earn as a result.
    This is one of the craziest paradoxes you can find anywhere.

  • How to make lots of money just by CHATTING with others with the same interest as you do.
    That's it - just talk, and make friends. And money. (The only requirement is that you conduct intelligent chats.)

  • How To Make Lots More Money - By Thanking Your Prospects Or Customers.
    This is a real gem, and another Internet Business Model in its own right. By simply thanking your Prospects Or Customers for doing something on your web site, you're opening up another form of income stream.

  • How to allow others to use your on-line software for FREE - and make LOTS of money in the process.
    This is another gem. You're combining some ingenious business principles with software architecture to make this work for you on auto-pilot.


The Mini-Encyclopedia Of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models is part of my smash-hit Internet Business and Internet Marketing Boot Camp I started in 2002 that I'm only just releasing to the public.

Make no mistake about it - as you follow me on the adrenalin-filled journey of Internet Business and Internet Marketing discoveries that took me a full 9 years of time, effort and experience to put together for your benefit:-

Your eyes will pop.

Your jaw will drop.

Your heart will skip a beat or two.

There's nothing like it anywhere else on the face of the earth.

Now Let's Check Out
Some Other Endorsements:

You've seen Mark Joyner endorse this Mini-Encyclopedia at the beginning of this letter. Here are some more famous names' comments:

John Harricharan,
award-winning author
of the bestseller,
"When You Can Walk on
Water, Take the Boat"
and the creator of the
PowerPause system

"Sen Ze has created an amazing Mini-Encyclopedia filled with great, useful information. For anyone who has ever dreamed of earning money through the Internet, this Mini-Encyclopedia is a MUST.

"It doesn't only tell you what some of the best ways to have an internet business are, but, most important, it shows you, step by step, what to do.

"This volume isn't only for those who are starting out on the Internet, but also for those who consider themselves veterans and experts at web businesses.

"If you get only one information product on internet business and marketing this year, let it be Sen Ze's Mini-Encyclopedia!"

Rick Beneteau

"Sen Ze, your 'Encyclopedia' is the clearest, soup-to-nuts blueprint for determining how anyone can earn a great living from the Internet that I have come across.

"Concisely written with great visuals, novice and pro alike will benefit from what is surely going to be an e-business 'bible' for many years to come."

Wanda Loskot - The Coach

"What an excellent resource. You have created a truly unique, much-needed piece of how-to information on the subject of making money on the Internet that I have never seen before anywhere else.

"I don't have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe its value to any aspiring, beginning or experienced Internet Entrepreneur, Sen Ze. It is THAT good. And what a bargain. Well done!"

Mike Glaspie

"Here's a unique opportunity to learn from one of Asia's Top Internet Marketers.

"I've been doing business with Sen Ze for a year and a half... He's a pro and he's one of my few premier partners."

Michel Fortin
The Internet's
Top-Selling Copywriter

"If you think you can't make it online because everyone else is doing what you want to do, or if you tried and failed in the past because you copied the same old business models on the Internet everybody else is doing, then you need a fresh approach, a new idea, perhaps even a different twist on an old idea. Sometimes, this is all you need to make you an absolute fortune online.

"Well, Sen Ze has done it again! This time, he shares proven, tested business models that work - even some never exposed publicly until now! - with his new Mini-Encyclopedia. This is a must-have for any Internet marketer. (I printed mine out and it's sitting on my desk, right now, beside me.)

"I'm blown away! It's a near 250-page manual that's power-packed-to-the-rim with tons of great ideas and strategies. It even contains illustrations and screenshots spread sparingly throughout the manual to guide you along the way, so you're sure to not miss out on anything.

"Bottom line, if you're tired of the same old business models, then you need to grab this book right now! Sen Ze has laid it all out for you, step by step. There's probably a goldmine waiting to be tapped right now. Look at this book as your 'map' to help you find it - there's no better way to explain it than that!"

With a line-up like the above - do you still have any doubts as to its quality?

Get Your Copy Of
The Mini-Encyclopedia Of Low-Cost,
High-Profit Internet Business Models Today.

I've conceived, managed and delivered my 1-of-a-kind, SMASH-HIT Internet Business and Internet Marketing Boot Camp that I've been conducting over the past 3 years. I did it out of sheer boredom (I was the only person among my old friends who makes a living on the Internet, and I still am) and a sincere desire to help other ordinary people like me do the same thing.

My participants currently pay up to $2,000 or more per head for the privilege of sitting together in a room full of motivated and like-minded individuals looking to make a difference financially in the comfort of their own homes. Everybody gets LIFETIME Support from me, plus a host of other benefits not available elsewhere. Each Boot Camp is 3 to 4 days in duration, and is only held as and when I feel like doing it (I've held only 2 in 2004).

However, I've also received many requests for a mini-version of this Boot Camp from those with a smaller budget or who simply can't take time off from their jobs to attend a 4-day Boot Camp away from home.

I heard you.

Thus the Mini-Encyclopedia Of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models is born.

This Mini-Encyclopedia doesn't come with face-to-face coaching, or one-to-one Lifetime Support, or networking opportunities, or live interaction, or additional notes and materials, or hotel rooms in a lovely location for 4 days and 3 nights, or 5 full meals a day for 4 full days, or any of the other frills my Boot Camp participants get.

However, instead of paying $2,000 for a full-blown Boot Camp (which is worth every cent in any case), you need pay only $97 for the Mini-Encyclopedia.

At this price, it's got to be one of the biggest bargains you will ever see.

However, due to the huge discount, I can only sell it as a download. However, you can print it out on your printer if you wish. This also means that you get to read it instantly as long as you have the free Adobe PDF Reader already installed on your computer.

If you still don't see the value you're getting with the Mini-Encyclopedia, you're insane.

Now the following will help you assess the value of the Boot Camp on which the Mini-Encyclopedia is based so that you can see some of the awesome possibilities that will instantly materialize right in front of you as you go through its 245 pages.

Here's What Some Of My Boot
Camp Participants Have To Say:

"Sen Ze is a fantastic
E-Commerce Strategist!"

- Dr. YKK,

Oh WOW Sen Ze. I'm now earning US Dollars in my pajamas! You're truly ONE OF A KIND!
- Toh Cheng See,

"If you get a opportunity to attend Sen Ze's Boot Camp, please grab it! Every moment of the course was an eye-opening experience. Everything, from the course, material, presentation, back-up staff, etc, was perfect!
- N.Nadarajah,

"Your EXCELLENT Internet Business & Internet Marketing Boot Camp gave me all the tools and knowledge that I needed to have to make sure I get started on the right track!"
- Alvin Cheong,

"Step-By-Step-By-Step. Sen Ze
is a WORLD-CLASS Internet Business & Internet
Marketing Coach!"

- Dr. Radha Krishna,

"Sen Ze's Boot Camp is mind boggling!! He showcased so
many opportunities and ideas
on the Internet which I normally would not think possible!"
- Janet Ooi, New Zealand

Sen Ze

My 1-Of-A-Kind Internet Business Boot Camp In Session

121 International Participants In My 1-Of-A-Kind
Internet Business and Internet Marketing Boot Camp

And Here's A Sample Of The Awesome Projects That Arose From The Boot Camp:
Vincent Foo is a very successful real estate agent and he has created an awesome site for both owners and agents to advertise their properties (for sale or rent) on the Internet. He was already making money from this site even before its official launch through a series of ingenious concepts taken from various Internet Business Models that most people can't see.
Alvin Low manufactures some of the world's best bio-technology products. He's selling his products directly off this web site based on Internet Business Model No.1. His Affiliate Program pays you down to 5 Levels deep - so it's worth looking at.
Alvin Cheong's excellent site on Asian cooking follows Internet Business Model No.7. Find some of the best recipes on Eastern delicacies on this amazing site! He never sleeps and he has just started on another web site following the same Internet Business Model.
Angel Low talks about the ultimate secrets of success as practised by the most successful people in the world past and presents them in a Step-By-Step manner in her excellent manual. She follows Internet Business Model No.2 with her web site. Check it out for some really good revelations.
Brian Kow offers some of the world's best home decor items on his site following Internet Business Model No.1. Not only are they beautiful, they're also unique and affordable. Make your home look like a million dollars with exotic stuff your neighbours don't have and will envy.

Toh Cheng See is a dog lover. She started a Web Site focusing on the various Dogs Breeds following Internet Business Model No.7. She is now earning US Dollars in her pajamas without having to sell any products, even though you see lots of them on her site.
Dr.YKK is an expert in Creativity. Within 3 weeks of the launch of his Web Site that follows Internet Business Model No.10, he was spotted by LEGO of Denmark as he was lazing around in his Pajamas, and invited to sit on their Think-Tank Team rubbing shoulders with some of the top Creativity Experts from around the world. He now flies there 3 times a year, with all expenses paid.
Zamri Nanyan is the Editor and Publisher of his very good e-zine that contains articles from some of the top names in the Network Marketing business. He's following a combination of Internet Business Model No.12 and Internet Business Model No.15. He has at least 3 streams of income for his one e-zine publication, and he makes money whether or not his subscribers join him in his chosen MLM company.
N.Nadarajah is a Stock Trader of the US Stock Exchange who has discovered a way to make $1,000 each trading day. He's sharing his secrets in the form of an e-book following Internet Business Model No.2.
TC Goh delivers absolutely hilarious one-liners directly into your mailbox 5 days a week - for free! He's following Internet Business Model No.9 - with a vengeance.
Doris Tan is the winner of the Diversity Visa 2004 (DV2004) Green Card Lottery. She's teaching those who dream of living in the US how they can dramatically increase their chances of winning the DV2005 in her e-book, following Internet Business Model No.2 that her husband, Senjaya Halim, set up in just 22 days.
Den Tan is a highly original artist who specialises in "Cubism", a form of art he has created using a free-flowing, non-breaking line that holds shapes that will only appear through a careful interpretation of its form via the use of colors. He's using Internet Business Model No.1 to showcase and sell the many unique pieces he has done.


Many other projects by other participants are in the pipeline, with some participants forming collaborations to work on some of them.

I've been privy to those projects as I provide lifetime one-to-one e-mail support, and I can tell you I'm ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by their creativity and potential that could only happen when like-minded and enthusiastic individuals come together for a common purpose.

Best of all, those projects cost so little to set up, and have such high profit potential, that it's sending shivers of excitement down my spine just thinking about them.

Will you be the next one?

Do you WANT to be the next one?

Of course you do. Who are you kidding?

But That's Not All.

To add icing to the cake, here's something else that you're getting so that you can realise your own dream of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur yourself without having to incur all the mistakes everybody else makes when they're starting off.

Super Bonus:

Make Money Within A Week Or Two
With This Mini-Encyclopedia!

Here's how you can immediately get into gear and start making money with the Mini-Encyclopedia!

You Get Full Master Resell Rights To It!

Your purchase of this Mini-Encyclopedia gives you the full rights to resell it. You can keep 100% of all the money you make with it!

You now have an instant hot product that you can sell to your Customers!

To get you started quickly, you will get this Sales Letter and follow-up Autoresponder messages for you to set up on your web site and Autoresponder System.

Sell as many copies as you wish and keep every single cent for yourself!

Note, however, that your purchase of this Mini-Encyclopedia signifies your acceptance of the terms and conditions below should you decide to resell it:

  1. You can sell as many copies of this Mini-Encyclopedia as you wish and keep 100% of the money you make from it.

  2. You cannot give this Mini-Encyclopedia away for free except as a Bonus to another product that you’re selling.

  3. The Master Resell Rights must come as a bonus to the Mini-Encyclopedia. You cannot sell the Master Resell Rights separately from the Mini-Encyclopedia. You cannot sell the Mini-Encyclopedia on its own without the Master Resell Rights.

  4. You cannot sell the Mini-Encyclopedia for less than US$97. You can set a higher price if you wish, but US$97 is the recommended price.

  5. You cannot edit or modify this Mini-Encyclopedia in any way.

  6. You can only resell the electronic version of this Mini-Encyclopedia. You cannot resell the printed version.

  7. You cannot resell this Mini-Encyclopedia on or on any other auction sites.

  8. You cannot use Spam to resell this Mini-Encyclopedia in any circumstances.

If you don't agree to the above terms and conditions, please DO NOT buy it. Just so that we're clear on this. I'm giving you my lifetime's work - so please respect my wishes.

Having the resell rights to the Mini-Encyclopedia Of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models means that you don't have to spend weeks or months creating your own product to sell.

In addition, you don't have to spend time writing a Sales Letter and follow-up e-mail messages from scratch. You've cut short your setting up time by weeks or months.

Now EACH copy of this Mini-Encyclopedia sells for $97.

Sell just ONE copy, and you've covered your investment immediately.

This also means that:

  • Ten sales will net you $970.

  • A hundred sales will net you $9,700.

  • A thousand sales will net you $97,000.

And you get to keep ALL the money that you make.

No more wimpy $10-$20 Affiliate checks for you!

Now the above is NOT a guarantee of how many sales YOU will make. I don't know you from Adam, and I certainly don't know how motivated you are to sell the Mini-Encyclopedia. You may make zero sales because you don't do anything with it.

Or you may make a million dollars.

All I can say is that if you DO some decent marketing to the right target market, you WILL get some sales. You may be one of those who do really well with it.

And since you'll only need to sell ONE copy to get back your investment - and that too at a miserable $97 one-time fee - you'll be making one of the best investment decisions of your life - especially when even Basic Resell Rights for quality products elsewhere can go cost you a few thousand dollars to acquire!


It gets better.

Earn Even More When Your
Customers Resell This Mini-Encyclopedia!

Since the Mini-Encyclopedia comes with Master Resell Rights as a bonus to it, your Customers can also resell it themselves. Their Customers and also do the same thing, as well as their Customers and so on.

Pretty soon you'll be creating an army of resellers from your own web site.

Now listen to me very carefully. Read the following lines again and again.

The MORE Customers you have who resell this Mini-Encyclopedia (and keep 100% of the selling price), and the MORE Customers they have who do the same thing, the MORE money you can make.

This means that you can make more than $97 per copy sold, from the same Customers who bought it from you, who decide to resell it themselves. In fact, you can do the same thing even if the Customer doesn't resell the Mini-Encyclopedia, but picks another Internet Business to do from the 19 shown in the Mini-Encyclopedia.

Yes. You can earn up to $9,017.50 a month when they do this. Every single month.

How is this possible?

You see, if you're a Reseller of this Mini-Encyclopedia, or you want to try out any of the Internet Business Models within, you'll need to set up your own web site, Sequential Autoresponder System, Contacts Database, Pop-Up Window, Hosting Account, and so on.

Now what if I told you that there's an AWESOME inexpensive place that you could go to have all those things set up quickly for you (within a week for the Mini-E)?

And that if your Customers who want to be Resellers (or do another Internet Business) were to go to the same place, you'll be paid a commission on their operation fees, as well as THEIR Customers' operation fees, and THEIR Customers' operation fees, down to 5 Levels deep?

In other words, you're going to be paying for hosting anyway - so why not get a host that comes with practically everything (Contacts Dabatase software, Sequential Autoresponder System, Pop-Up Window Generator, etc) you'll need to get going quickly and effectively in one place that also PAYS YOU BACK for your referrals to it down to multiple levels deep?

Now once again, the extra amount of up to $9,017.50 a month following the hosting company's Pay Plan that you can earn is not a guarantee because your Customers may be one of those who does nothing with the Mini-Encyclopedia. And every Reseller's results will be different based on his desire and motivation to do all that is necessary for him to achieve the results he wants.

But if you have a few who do well with reselling it, you have a good chance of being well on your way to a sweet victory lap on the Internet Entrepreneurship track!

Order Your Copy Right Now.

Now at this point I can put in a "latest-date deadline" script right here that will always show the deadline as today for you to get a discount, or an extra bonus, or something else of value to you to persuade you to act now.

You know the type, "If you don't order by midnight (insert today's day and date here), you'll lose blah, blah, blah, or the price will increase, blah some more"? And when you come back tomorrow, it'll then show tomorrow's date as the deadline?

But I won't because I refuse to insult your intelligence. I figure that if you don't or can't see the value of what you're getting here, the script is not going to make any difference.

In addition, the price REMAINS at $97 whenever you choose to buy it.

There will be NO extra bonuses for acting now.

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And in case you think I'm desperate for your money - I'm not. It doesn't matter to me if you bought the Mini-Encyclopedia or not - because there are millions of you out there who are my Prospects.

How do I know this? Because according to the Computer Industry Almanac, there were 934 million Internet users up to September 2004, there will be 1.07 billion in 2005, 1.21 billion in 2006, and 1.35 billion in 2007.

In just 2 years from now, the Internet population would have increased by another 350 million users.

You can see from those figures that I will have more and more Prospects for my Mini-Encyclopedia every single day, even if it's a fraction of the additional number. And if you're a Reseller for the Mini-Encyclopedia, YOU will have the same number of Prospects too.

Leave your procrastination days behind just this once and try it out NOW and see if it truly works for you.

Warm Regards,

Sen Ze
Internet Entrepreneur/Coach

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Risk-Free Order Form

Yes, Sen Ze! Let me have your Mini-Encyclopedia of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models NOW so that I can discover what the TOP 19 Internet Business Models in the world are in just a few hours.

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  1. You can sell as many copies of this Mini-Encyclopedia as you wish and keep 100% of the money you make from it.

  2. You cannot give this Mini-Encyclopedia away for free except as a Bonus to another product that you’re selling.

  3. The Master Resell Rights must come as a bonus to the Mini-Encyclopedia. You cannot sell the Master Resell Rights separately from the Mini-Encyclopedia. You cannot sell the Mini-Encyclopedia on its own without the Master Resell Rights.

  4. You cannot sell the Mini-Encyclopedia for less than US$97. You can set a higher price if you wish, but US$97 is the recommended price.

  5. You cannot edit or modify this Mini-Encyclopedia in any way.

  6. You can only resell the electronic version of this Mini-Encyclopedia. You cannot resell the printed version.

  7. You cannot resell this Mini-Encyclopedia on or on any other auction sites.

  8. You cannot use Spam to resell this Mini-Encyclopedia in any circumstances.

Your purchase of the Mini-Encyclopedia signifies your acceptance of the above terms and conditions. To protect all honest Resellers, your breaching of any of the terms and conditions will result in the immediate termination of your Resell Rights and the commencement of legal action against you. If you're an honest Reseller, you have nothing to worry about and will appreciate this term in your interest.



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