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**HaLoOooO ppLe... I just added the webby SONG - one of the GS insert songs.          [ DamN NicE and MeLodiOuS~ ] ErHhhH.. Next time, I will change the format of this webby k? Coz, i am a L.A.Z.Y girl~ heHE.. *TatA~*


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 HEY guys... If u have any animes that u wan to recommend, pls type them in the GUESTBOOK.
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=X HmMM... I really think that GUNDAM SEED and Full Moon wo Sagashite ROCk Lehz...  SO..? Go and DL!!! ('o'#) 
*HahA* NoW? I am crazy over PRinCe oF Tennis.. Hikaru no Go.. and others~ Do i need to list them all? ^^ I heard from my friends that CH 8 is showing FRuits BAsket (FB) now? HAha.. I am not too sure. FB is one of the recommended animes. =X OR.. u can buy the comics. HEy~ buy from Chuangyi...HAha.. Coz,u can have FREE poster for every comic u have bought. Trust me~ u will not regret~! =X


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