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This webpage is dedicated to my fellow IRC chatters in the Austnet Server (i.e. Chatters from #ria, #melayu2, #melayu, #silat, #myzone, etc).

This webpage also serve as an official webpage for my own channel you might not heard of (#rage_infernoz).

Its been a while since I wanted to create my own webpage and here it is… all done up.

Basically there’s not much info I wanted to list out… Hence, enjoy your surf here via this webbie.


Last & not least, I wanted to thanks my peepz for supporting me in creating this webbie as well as in IRC:


Excuse_Me @ Bai JaGa, : He’s my mentor in Scripting… I’ll always ripped his script for fun and also for the love of it.

But he’s ok with it, we share knowledge’s in scripting together.


Blacklucifer : R.I.P Bro! He’s not dead yall, It’s his nick that’s dead! Ahakz…

If you guys are wondering how I get hold of your pics, he’s the man who pass it on to me!


Zajck30 : He’s the ZoO Jaga!


Syanah : All I can say is that she’s the chipmunk of my life. Hehhehehe.


Lastly, to all the chatters I didn’t mention. The list will go on… You know who you are!



Below are 2 main channels which is under me

1.   #rage_infernoz


As for this channel, it was created on 06 Apr 2002. The meaning of the channel? Don’t ask me… I got no idea at all on how I created such channel! Ahakz…

This is the place where I hang out often… Its just like you chilling out in your room. It’s where you can do anything you desire… HehhehhHhhe….


2.   #myzone


This channel was founded by ‘Anna^Baby’ on 17 Nov 2002. There’s much history to it as this is where chatters from Malaysia & Singapore chilled! But then it’s been a while since Anna^Baby has been online… Visitors from the channel often ask about her… & I’m not an Information Counter pls!

Since then, I have officially taken over #myzone during mid August 2003 as Anna^Babys’ nick has expired!


About Me

 This is what you really wanted to know… So go on….. read on…. Know about me more…

Well 1st of all let me introduce myself :

Name : Shidi (This will be enuf! Ahakzzz!)

Nickname : Sh|NoDaS, |DaS|

D.O.B : 29-11-19XX

Location : West Side of Lion City

Marital Status : Single But Taken

Hobbies : IRC, Scripting, Movies, Etc…

Em@il :

Msn :



IRC for me started way back…. In my ITE Days! Free time? & it’s a visit to the school library… Book the timing… & your on to a cyber world… full of sh*t!

 Well that’s true! You’ll meet different type of people… the cutie… the homie… & the weirdoes… Cyber world is a place where everyone can be anyone…

So be careful when meeting unknown chatters! ‘Danger Lurks’.


It was only in early 2001 that I became addicted to IRC! Nothing bothers me more than chatting… meeting up with chatters… & of course ripping scripts! (This is what I enjoyed most) You can call me an IRC fanatic by all means! There’s some certain passion that is within you which eager you to like this crap

(i.e. ripping scripts!) Excuse_Me knows me!


Then I started to learn there’s more to IRC than the phrase it self! It isn’t just about chatting…Not about Nuking other chatters… etc…

It’s where we need to guide other young chatters not to think foolishly… or act restlessly…


Oh hell yeah they might think you as some busybody trying to guide you in life… It happens to me, & will happen to anybody!

I got lots of vulgarities in my private msg as well as in my bnc msg while I’m offline. Ignorance will just be ignorance… Some day they will learn to differ!