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Hi colleagues all,


The New trick from me to obtain $ 77.500 FREE!!! From the program of BIG MONEY MAIL. If being converted to your currency, not moderate still would.

Initially I was not interested by this program, but after having this auto downline buider Program all of them really found it easy, really effective and saved much time and the power.

Not there is Lose him tried because free!!!.


Offered by me to you beforehand, immediately made use of this opportunity still did not yet have the other person who knew him. You really could obtain $ 77.500 free!!! Without many efforts!!!


**Request in read thoroughly this TRICK all of them **


Without sending, paying or asking for money, you could obtain $ 77.500!!! Imagined, only did the work that very minor without the COST, you will obtain the consignment or the addition of the Cheque of E-Gold as big as $ 77.500!!! Or more!!!


With the assumption US$ 1 was Rp.8300 in currency my country Indonesian, you obtained $ 77.500 x Rp 8300 = Rp 643.250.000,- !!! Not there is lose him tried. Before being continued, as our vehicle information to head the success was the named site of "BIG MONEY MAIL". BIG MONEY MAIL was the provider of the Program of FREE Get Paid To Read Mail, you at once will obtain $80 only with registered then. And And You Too obtained $20 for each downline.


READ PREVIOUSLY ALL instructions BEFORE beginning to work!!!


Follow simple steps along with this.




Supervised was received three link along with his owner's e-mail.

Registered to "BIG MONEY MAIL" with used link available in the place of the number.

Afterwards after Page was opened, put your e-mail address in the column "Your the Address E-mail", the "Continue" clique.

Further followed the process and his contents of the form of the registration of the registration until was finished.

As far as this is concerned quite simple.

The explanation of the column of the registration: - First Name, your front name (in accordance with the RESIDENCY CARD).

- Last Name, the name behind you (in accordance with the RESIDENCY CARD).

- Street Address, the address and the number of the name of the road (in accordance with the RESIDENCY CARD).

- City (If this Is N/A please enter NA), the name of the city (in accordance with the RESIDENCY CARD).

- State, chose Nona.

- Zip Code (If this Is N/A, please enter 11111), the contents of the postcode (in accordance with the RESIDENCY CARD).

- Country, chose your country.

- Password, the Password contents that will be used by you.

- Confirm Password, repeated your Password.

- Click here to indicate that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, this clique of the choice.

- Finally the Continue clique > > >

- Further your enamel Inspection!!! 



This three link that was intended by me:

1. Enamel:



2. Enamel:






Ascertained by me just you and several people that knew this Auto Downline Builder Program, because that gathered faster, your position was already safe to be able to obtain this money.

Hurried, this was FREE!!!.



sent the e-mail in the available e-mail address in the place of the number 3 as follows: "I registered to link no 1"



 Copy this letter and opened to Ms Word. Remove the e-mail and link available in the place 1, afterwards increased the place 2 became the place 1 and the place 3 was loaded to the place 2.



After you resolved the process of the registration, you will obtain one link that almost was identical to link-link available in the list. Http:// was enamel was placed by you link and your enamel in the position to 3 If you could not find link you, login to BIG MONEY MAIL with put the e-mail address and password you. You will find link you there.Confirm you wrote enamel and link belonging to you truly (Copy & Paste then)



Copy all the letter that has you this modification. Then this letter e-mail to who who was known by you, or posting enamel to, you just could stop after you received 5 (five) the e-mail reply that write: "I registered to link no 1. That, only five replies, not 6, or 10 or 20. Only 5.


The ANYA THAT was carried out by you!!!!


Counted! During link you was in the position 1, you will get 125 downline.

As our illustration anyone will receive 5 reply e-mails in 1 week.

Your first day began to work confirmed you obtained 5 reply e-mails.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- -


Be waiting AND was patient!!!

--------------------------------------------------------------------- -


On Sunday first:

The position link you rose to the position 2

5 downline potensial


On Sunday second:

the Position link you rose to the position 1

25 downline potensial


On Sunday third:

125 people will register to your link that was in the place 1.

Afterwards link you will be evacuated from the list.

You had: 125 downline (the first Level)


On Sunday fourth:

(125 x 5) = 625

125 + 625 = 750

Your had: 750 downline (the second Level)


On Sunday fifth:

(625 x 5) = 3125

750 +  3125 = 3875

Your had: 3875 downline (the third Level)


And etc………………!!!


BIG MONEY MAIL will pay US $ 20 for each downline


3875 X $20 = US$ 77.500 with example in country Indonesia the Exchange Rate of US $ of 1 = Rp 8300


77.500 X Rp 8300 = Rp.643.250.000,- !!!


Your Cost = NULL, NOTHING, ZERO!!! By Capital $0.00 FREE aliases!!!


You will obtain Money Hundreds Of Millions Rupiah in fact more!




The illustration above only to the level to 3.

You could receive far more many others!!! Counted personally if you had time.



you will be paid with used PayPal, E-Gold or the Cheque.

Once more.



For the interest was ascertained by you!!!

When the registration, you wrote your address truly and clearly.





- If could translate this letter to the other language. Afterwards sent to your friend all over the corner of the world.

The potential downline you will be far more BIG!!!


- If you not all that understood with the internet or the computer asked for your help of the friend.