Monthly Update from Jeff and Tammy

Monthly Update from Jeff and Tammy: Jan 2006


Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

 Heartfelt thanks to you... some words from Jeff

Thank you for praying for us dear friends. We have a very wonderful year and we are believing God for a better year ahead, it's a joy to be in His service and so are all of you that prayed, came or gave. We do not believe that missionaries are a special elite force called by God to take the land. It is just that we have found our place in Him. There is always a place for everyone; it's just the question whether everyone is in their God- given place. I do not consider myself to be special, but I'm sure many people think that we are. My place is in the Vine; it is through the Vine that the branch can grow. Therefore my place is in Jesus first, then Thailand. The right place for all of us to be in is the Vine and nowhere else because apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15:5).

Success in missions does not depend on the candidate that is sent out; it depends on the team that is put together. There are the plowers, sowers and the reapers in every field that God has call us to, but the tendency is to look at the reaper and say," You have done a magnificent job." I am not a specialist, I have a team. I do not specialize in mission but I am a opportunist;  because in every place that God has called you to, there will be opportunities. Sometime it takes a while to stop fighting with ourselves and see these opportunities. So brothers and sisters, we are called to Jesus first, then called to a purpose. I pray that we will seek Him first in our lives first this year.

God bless.



 Children's Day at the Nongkhai Boys' Home

Imagine being swarmed by kids, all aiming for goodies and prizes at your little game stall. A never-ending line of chirpy children wait eagerly as you twist and squeek balloons into an alien-looking balloon animals.  Little ones plop themselves into the "Colouring Corner" and happily colour every last bit of the illustrated worksheet, producing green lambs, technicolour angels and abstract Baby Jesus.

These are the pictures in our mind, darling memories of our Children's Day in the Nongkhai Boys' Home in January. We saw  scores of village kids living near this orphanage come and enjoy themselves. The Nongkhai church members and we helped to organise fun and games, to provide merriment and give out illustrated children's tracts in this bustling, chaotic and fun day.

Pic (left): Tammy and Ajahn Hong create a number game.

Pic (right): Our game stall was a big hit, drawing scores of children. We had to call Vincent in to help with crowd control.


Pic (left): Jeff and Ajahn Tong play songs, tell Bible stories and play games in another tent.

 Pray for Pastor Thamanoon and Sister Sommai

Pic: Pastor Thamanoon and his wife Sommai

While we are back in Singapore for 2 weeks for Chinese New Year, Pastor Thamanoon was in the hospital for treatment of excessive iron in his blood. It is a very painful and costly ordeal for him, but necessary for him to stay alive. Doctors marvel at him; according to them, no other patient with his illness has ever lived past the age of 25.

But Pastor Thamanoon fights on, for a lifelong vision that he has yet to fulfil, a dream that his people in Thailand will all come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. And that is why we are here in Nongkhai, because God has revealed this vision to us too.

So while Pastor Thamanoon presses on by the grace and mercy of God, please take your stand together with this man. Pray for him. Support him. After all, we do not walk alone, and we are one body; if one part of the body fails, the whole body suffers.

Pray for his health, healing, strength for the entire family. And if you wish to help with the hospital bills, please contact us.



 Women's Ministry in Nong Khai

I (Tammy) am helping Sister Sommai with taking care of a women's cell group. These women are much older than me and most have come from broken and abusive marriages. Some cannot read or write, but they come faithfully every Tuesday evening to listen to the Bible teaching. I see how the Word of God slowly transforms their lives and countenance and builds up their faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, which is true here in this little cell group. As they are healed and strengthened in the Lord, they begin to get bolder in sharing their testimonies of how God has blessed them or helped them in time of need. This year, I hope this women's group will grow stronger and be able to minister to new ladies.

What may be challenging for me this year..... is to have to learn how to teach the Bible in Thai! So far I speak Thai just a little; I have to buck up now! Last year I was very blessed to have Sister Ratree, a Thai lady who lived in Singapore for many years and speaks English well, to help translate for me, whilst I shared the teachings in English. She has had to return to Singapore, so God now needs to give me another translator or some divine gift of language!

We have found a house for Dao, May (a strong youth leader) and other ladies that we may want to house and take care of, as the Lord leads us in this new year. Please pray for Dao, that she will grow to be a godly young woman and as my mouthpiece to lead other women out of the flesh industry. And pray for patience, confidence and obedience to God's guidance for me. I really thank God for all the brothers and sisters that God has given me to develop this project. It is a vision that is so big, that it scares me sometimes! But I know that Lord will bring it to pass, because He has promised me in Jer 33:3. "Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know."



 Please Pray For Us and For Nongkhai!

1. We are doing an English camp in Prathumthep School in March. Please pray for us as we plan for it. We look forward to getting to know more teenagers and invite them to our Youth Service during this camp.

2. Please pray for our Youth Ministry in Nong Khai, that we will be able to raise them up to become new leaders, something that is seriously needed in the church!

3. Please pray for the Women's Ministry as we continue planning for the business project and in the outreach too.



Thank you for being part of our lives and work here in Nong Khai!

May you be so thoroughly blessed by the goodness of the Lord this new year!


Most Appreciatively,

 Jeff and Tammy Yuen

8 Feb 2006


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