Saints FC

Loiters News

[17 Nov 2001]

The bored directors at SaintsFC has decided to reintroduce their once world(wideweb) famous website.

Chief of e-commerce Colin Teo has been invited to once again revive the website. A joint statement from the bored directors issued after trading hrs confirmed that SaintsFC Web will come alive once again with live ground breaking irrelevant news and rumour coming direct from loiters world wide network of down and out correspondents.

But analyst are wondering why now as this comes at a time when dot coms are struggling to find their feet. The co has also decided against issuing of bonds to match rival Singtel and SIA due to poor interest in idr junk bonds and has recently decided against a tie up with naked

The goal sent the Saints bench into a wild frenzy. It signalled the return of the Hustler and it was a warning to all Saints opponents that the right flank will never be the same again.

SaintsFC stock closed the week on a high up from 1 idr to 2 idr, a 100% increase, its strongest showing on the back of last week's win and on rumors that the war may end sooner than expected.