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Welcome to Truffle!

A lot has been happening for Truffle, we were at Grrlflicks screening, Herstory Party and TwoQueens.

Support from the community is overwhelming, and so were the number of enquiries. :) We at Truffle Books are really proud that this project is finally kicking off!

To further benefit the community at large, we are happy to announce that a discount* will be given to members of Herstory and TwoQueens. We've added new books to the collection. So do make sure you scroll down to the end of the catalog alrightty?

Keep those feedbacks rolling. If you've got a book to rent, do join our egroup to make the recommendation. One of the benefits of joining the egroup is, you'll be updated on the whereabouts of our Book Mobile! And yes, we know we have not been appearing in the events sorry about that. No matter, just email us if you have any requests and orders.

Currently, we're expanding our Rental Collection, do contact us if you wish to rent out your books.

Join our mailing list!

Credits to Darlinghurst Books and Amazon for their graphics and book reviews.

* up to 10% discount on all books for sale to members of Herstory and TwoQueens upon presenting their membership cards. The discount is not applicable to books on rent.


This page was last updated on 14 June 2004.

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