Album 1: My Childhood

In case you're wondering if you can find any nude photos of me here that you can use for extortion, you're on the wrong track. Who cares about naked fat babies? My advice: Try other albums


Album 3: My Travelogue

The lands under my feet, of which I have touched, kissed, and conquered



Album 5: My Love

The happiest moments of my life are those that I share with Christopher. This album nests our favourite photos of the days we spent together.


Album 2: My schooldays

I never get tired of flipping through the photographs of my younger days. They just remind me of how crazy and wild my friends and I were. I hope you share my joy in reminiscence.


Album 4: My Convocation

This album is finally up! Remembering my commencement ceremony on the 22nd Sept, 2001.