ABRACADABRA ~ 2 Walls, 64 Counts, Intermediate Line Dance

Choreographed by Liz Clarke May 2006

Choreographed to “Abracadabra (Radio Eidt)” by The Steve Miller Band [132 bpm]

Intro: 32 Counts.


§1          Side rock, recover, triple ¾, pivot ¼, cross shuffle

123&4      Rock right side, recover left, triple ¾ right stepping right-left-right [9:00]

567&8      Step forward left, pivot ¼ right, cross left, step right side, cross left [12:00]


§2          Side, behind, kickball cross, step touch hold, ¼ turn shuffle

123&4&5    Step right side, left behind, kick right, step right beside left, cross left over right,

quickly step right to side, touch left beside right

67&8       Hold, turn ¼ left - shuffle forward [9:00]


§3          Rock recover, turn ½. Turn ½ turn ½ step forward, coaster step

1234       Rock forward right, recover left, step ½ turn right, turn ½ right stepping back on left [9:00]

56          Turn ½ turn right stepping forward on right, step forward left [3:00]

7&8        Step back right, step left beside right, step forward right


§4                Rock recover, ¼ side shuffle, front, side, behind & heel

123&4      Rock forward left, recover, turn ¼ left step left side, right beside left, step left to side [12:00]

567&8       Cross right over left, step left side, step right behind, step left to side, dig right heel forward


§5          Step, turn ¼ left & dig heel forward, dig heel forward, big step side, touch Side switches & big step side & touch

&1&2&34    Step right beside left whilst turning ¼ left, dig left heel forward, step

           left beside right dig right heel forward, step right beside left, take big step to left, touch right beside left [9:00]

5&6&78     Touch right toe to right side, step right beside left touch left toe to left side, step left beside right, take big step to right, touch left beside right


§6          Touch step back, touch flick behind, touch kick, coaster step

1234       Touch left toe to left side, step back on left foot, touch right toe to right, flick right foot behind right knee

56         Touch right toe to right, bend knees whilst turning ¼ right & kick right foot forward [12:00]

7&8        Step back right, step left beside right, step forward right


§7          Step pivot ¼ right, cross shuffle, turn ¼ x 2, step pivot ¼ cross

123&4      Step forward left pivot ¼ right, cross left, step right side, cross left [3:00]

56         Step back on right turning ¼ left, step forward left turning ¼ left [9:00]

7&8        Step forward right, pivot ¼ left, cross right over left [6:00]


§8          Syncopated weave left, rock back recover, big step & step

12&34      Step left side, step right behind, step left side, step right front, step left side

5678       Rock back right, recover left, take big step right side, step left beside right


Start Over Again!


Happy Dancing!!!  Keep Smilin

Thanks Pete for all your help, really appreciated xxx