Unfaithful ~ 2 Walls, 32 Counts, Smooth Intermediate Line Dance

Choreographed by Craig Bennett, England

Choreographed to “Unfaithful” by Rihanna on CD single

Intro: 16 Counts 

Notes: This dance should have a night club 2 step feel.


§1    Side rock recover ¼, Step turn step, Full turn forward, Step left ¼ turn

1    Step right to right side

2&3 Rock back onto left, recover onto right, step left ¼ turn left


4&5  Step forward onto right, ½ turn left, step forward onto right


6&7  Make ½ turn right stepping back onto left, make a ½ turn right

     stepping forward onto right, step forward onto left [3:00]

8    Make a ¼ turn left sweeping right around! [12:00]


§2    Cross side behind sweep, Behind side, Walk, Walk, Step turn Step

1    Cross right in front of left

2&3  Step left to left side, cross right behind left, sweep left

   ` around

4&   Step left behind right, step right to right side

56   Walk forward left, walk forward right

7&8  Step forward onto left, make ½ turn right, step forward onto

     left [6:00]


§3    Full turn hook, Press recover, Behind ¼ turn step, Rock recover, Behind ½

      turn step     

&1   Step right forward, full turn left forward hooking left in

     front of right [6:00]

23   Press forward onto left, recover back onto right

4&5  Step back onto left, step ¼ turn right stepping right forward,

     step forward onto Left [9:00]

67   Rock forward onto right, Recover back onto left

8&1  Step right back, Make ½ turn left stepping forward onto left,

     step forward onto right [3:00]


§4    Rock ¼ turn Full turn step turn side, Rock recover ¼ side cross side

2&3  Rock forward onto left, recover back onto right, make ¼ turn

     Left stepping left to left side [12:00]

4&5  Make a full turn right stepping right full turn step [12:00]

6&7  Rock back onto left, Recover onto right, Step left ¼ turn right


8&   Make ¼ turn right stepping right to right side, Cross left over

     right [6:00]