When         i        was         small

1996    :    i win second place for International chess at ACS  Horley Methodist  primary school

1997    :    i win second place for Chinese  chess at SAN MIN secondary school

1998    :    Represent for school join the Malaysia champion TAE KWON DO , and win 1st gold medal

                 for  fighting, meanwhile i win third place for team International chess at Convent secondary    


1999    :    Represent for school , join International chess championship . But lose in the competition and

                 get 11th place for chess competition.

2000    :    Win 2nd place for Chinese chess as the team at Chong Ming secondary school.

                 Win 3rd place for International chess at St. Anderson secondary school .  

2002    :    Win 2nd place for International chess  at NYP polytechnic

2003    :    Get 4th place  for International chess  as the TEAM NYP