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My Life in Japan
I moved to Japan in March 2003, and I've had many wonderful experiences since then. On this page, I will share with you some of my most memorable experiences. Please enjoy!

Surprising Things:

*squat toilets

*no central heating

*small spaces

*on-time public transportation

*super-polite people

*the best customer service in the world

*using English all day and never having to use Japanese (even though I live in Japan!)

*lots of paperwork

*getting paid based on age and not experience
*excellent food

*Japanese food is not just sushi!

*free gift wrapping in stores

*the cost of 1 apple: 1.60 CDN

*carrying groceries on my bicycle (it's a challenge!)

*being understood with my simple Japanese

*beautiful cherry blossoms in April

*lots of vacation time (approx. 4 months a year!)

*the freshest fish in the world

*stayed overnight at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo

*received 3 COACH bags from a friend as a gift (yes, this is really true!)

*and finally... met my true love in the land of the rising sun!
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Created: September 14, 2006
Last updated: September 14, 2006