These few pages are about my fav. bands. It has small bios, pictures and links to the sites with the most information about them.
Good Charlotte
I fell 4 this band all on my own. I had been trying 2 get 1 of their cds 4 a long time, and about a month ago I did (both of them ^.^) I can't really say whos my fav. I like Benji he's the coolest (and noe my sister is going 2 kill me) but i think Billy's the cutest. and Joel's the most inoccent.... I don't really like Paul that much O.o
Billy, Joel, Benji, Paul
AFI = A Fire Inside
I was n Hot Topics with my sister and was looking @ all the posters, then I saw 1 4 AFI. Davey looked really hott n the pics ^.^ so i decided 2 look them up when we got home. I found a couple sites and then I got the CD (sings of sorrow, the book 1 with the DVD ^.^)i started staying on the Tribute Forums and met Dizzy, Jessie, Oktung, Vonnie, Sw][tch, & Kevin there (not n that order)
anyways since then I have got that poster and am very happy with this band.
Hunter, Davey, Adam, Jade
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