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Eric, Ben, Wednesday 13, Joey, Tripp (X member)
I blame Dizzy 4 this. Lets c what can I say about the Murderdolls (a lot) Jeoy is from Slipknot (good band). Acey was from Dope but droped them and joined Murderdolls. Tripp left the band 2 rejoin Static X (despite the fact i misspelled that i like that band) Wednesday is married (Bitch =< ) Joey is the shortest member n the band (which I like cuz I'm  a migit). Acey is a big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas!!!!!! which is awsome, I love that movie.. despite the fact i lost it O.o but i did rent the DVD 2 c the xtras on it ^.^ yea.............

This is a nice band, I heard their songs b4 there faces which is rare, I think their songs r really cute. and Wednesday, Eric, Joey, and Acey (i guess) arent that bad themselves ^.^
Acey (replaced Tripp)
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