Duel Jewel Concert
I would just like to say all the pictures on these pages were taken by me and the signed pictures are mine as well. If you want to use any of them on ur site and such ask. I get really pissed when people take pictures from peoples sites without asking, or takes them and say that they're theirs. I got my hair ripped out in the process of taking these pictures and getting the pictures signed I'd like a little cridit for that. ^^;; so yea.... I may scan the playing cards I got signed, and take a picture of my poster 2 add on to this. Also Cat took a lot more pictures then me, and got a random peice of paper signed (inside joke) @ the signing. Which I plan on asking if I can borrow 4 this site. We both got pictures with the guys (well she got a picture with all of them and i got a picture with Natsuki and Shun) which I may also add. but those updates may be awhile since shes doing a lot of things this summer. so yea later ~Bunnie~
I added a new picture, thank you Monica ^^
P.S. I put the boys in the order they were @ the signing enjoy
Yuya @ signing
Fun stuff
Val @ signing
Hayato @ signing
Natsuki @ signing
Shun @ signing