ok this page is pics of friends.. I don't have a lot of pictures of my friends online... enless the online friends >.< so this page will be updated when i get more pics of my friends.
Jessie is my pin pal from PA. She's really cool. It's kinda weird how alike we are. we both like Murderdolls, AFI, and GC. She also is starting 2 like fairys, angels, dragons, unicorns, and pegasas. Which is way cool cuz I've loved them 4ever. Her favs. from the bands r Eric and Davey. But she's inlove with Davey ^^ so she talks about how inlove with davey she is and i talk about how inlove with Joey I am. ^^ It's great, I can't wait till I get older so we can hang out ^^ going 2 be fun, heres her site Jessie's Page
Jessie is Dizzy's mother.
< she is cat
him a bear ^
This is my husband O.o ... yes be confused haha. He's from the UK.... We're not pin pals so i have nothing cool or interesting 2 put up from him.... He got me crazy about the Murderdolls and I shall blame him 4ever 4 it. He's n 3 bands.... and he's very conceited, but I mean that n the least mean way posible O.o
He dose have a site 4 1 of hes bands
He is the father of Rose Red, and soon 2 be father of the "twins"
Jared (and Steve O.o)
I met Jared from Rocky and LJ.. actully if it wasn't 4 Steve (the guy with black hair n that pic) I might've not even started talking 2 Jared.. O.o yes...... Jareds really nice, and hes son is Spike... i have alittle crush on Spike -.- ... I shall have 2 put a picture of him up, when u c him u'll no y.
Jared^, Steven^, and ^Steve (was the best i could do)
^ Jared with goggles
Jared is going 2 b the God Mother of the "twins"
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