About Me...
My sister and me
I am 15 years of age..... I live n Phoenix, AZ. My fav color is red and black.... movie is Peter Pan and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I go 2 Rocky Horror Picture Show almost every Saturday go 2 www.azrocky.com 4 more information tis a lot of fun. I love all my friends and most my family *cough*. I'm short -.- very short... and wear glasses O.o my mom says i make get contacks soon. I have 4 pen pals @ the moment and i love them all ^.^
Jessie, Meliessa, Brittany, @ Maggie (their names) Maggie is the farthest away (Norway).. and Brittany and Meliessa live n Oklahoma... I no them personaly. Jessie is from PA and is really cool. My closest friends atm is Laura, Steven, Jessie, and Dizzy..... umm I have 2 sisters... Steph is the only 1 who lives @ home still... and 2 brothers..... neather 1 lives here.... ummmm my Fav. bands atm r Murderdolls (blame dizzy), AFI, Good Charlotte, and t.A.T.u (blame steph).... I like 2 draw but i think i suck @ it >.< i do plan on putting some of the work up.... but mainly my cartoonish 1s my human 1's suck really bad...... I like Anime and Manga...... and playing netendo haha.. yes i have no life but isn't it nice.
Me with my lip ring
Me n the morning b4 I got my lip ring
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