Poetry of Ireland
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    The objective of this website  is to provide a comprehensive collection of Irish poetry.
     There are many anthologies and collections of Iriish poems. They provide a taste of what has been written; and they whet the reader's appetite for more Much of the works of Irish poets is out of print, and difficult to obtain.
     We have been scouring the World Wide Web for poets and their works for years; and that effort is reflected in this website.
     Our personal collection of  Irish poems is also reflected in this website, consequently it contains works not available elsewhere on the Web.
     We  respect the rights of authors and publishers and abide by the copyright laws. We will remove any work that is in violation of a copyright immediately upon being informed.
   We hopy you enjoy this website and come back often. Drop us an e-mail with your suggestions for improvement . We would be glad to hear from you.

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