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Second Post:anyways, today has been good. i called my friends i met in the park yesterday, and i think im gonna do something with them on the weekend, and i met even more friends in the cafeteria today, so i like have 9 friends already! go me. makes life more tolerable, aand it doesnt help my chinese to hang out with the american students nice as they are. So my friends i made today are gonna call me tonight, and we'll talk and they actually go to the college i go to in china  so i can prolly see them more easily than the ones that go to the place near the center of the city. anyways, time for zhong guo li shi ke, or for you poor english speakers, time for chinese history class. c ya!
First Post: Well China has been pretty fun so far. I got a bike, then broke the tire, the got that fixed ,then it broke aain but this time it was the pedal so i can still ride to school ok. I sat with some chinese kids from the university at lunch so now ill just do that all the time so word will spread that Im not really a monster after all, hehe :P Anyways Just disregard the other journal link cause I can't seem to access it from china easily and the links broken or something. I'll just put stuff on here for now. Anyways, time for more class. Bye everyone!

September 15, 2004
Dec 12th
Wow, the website hasnt been working for a while. In any case there are gona be a lot more things up soon cause im planning on sending pics by email to my friends in the US and then they can put them on my site. Everythings going pretty well as far as i cant remember. My last post was a while ago, hmm...lets see....Still no culture shock, up to the point where i think Im gonna stay longer, though We'll see if my poor mom can handle that. Ithink im slowly turning chinese,by he time i get back to America im gonn ahave shrunk two feet anfhave darker skin, whenever my mom calls i alwaus catch myself starting to speak in chinese... Anyways, thats it for this entry, only cause im in the middle of writing a paper for history class. check back for pictures!!
Post # 3 : Well here I am in China, and having a pretty good time. Ive made lots of friends, and the only down side is its getting colder as winter aproaches, so ill have to cave and buy some blankets. We just had a break for the chinese national day, and i did some stuff with my chinese friends, which including going to a historical type park called fu long historical city. its was neat, plus they had food. gonna bu a cell phone too i think mainly because im not at home often so i have problems with missing calls from my friends. my language skills are improving, and i hope ill be able to speak almost fluently after i finish college. anyways, i have some stuff to do at home so im out. laterz.
Jan. 14th

Well the new semester is almost here. I just got back from Shanghai Yesterday. I took a 36 hour train ride from Chengdu to Shanghai and I can tell you, Im certainly not in a big hurry to do THAT again anytime soon! :P It was just too cramped for too long. Anyways, in Shanghai I arrived at 7 in the morning at the Hotel to find that the Imcompitent fools(I use this term very lightly) had no idea who i was and after a long debate in Chinese they  said they couldnt do anything else and wouldnt discuss it anymore.  So i walked around the city until I found a phone bar and I called Wentao our director who  gave the hotel a call and from the sound of it, gave them a piece of her mind, after that I got my room and laid down for a few hours.The tour after the new students arrived was fun. We went to some of thge famous gardens and went to a few skyscrapers. Pictures will be up soon hopefully. I dont have much time now so ill sign off and hopefully ill have a better explaination when the pics go up.
Dec 25

Yay! Its a journal entry! And on Christmas!!! Well last night was fun. I got together with some of my Chinese friends and we went out for dinner, then on the way to find something else to do after dinner, we had to walk through the main shopping road in downtown and , this is funny, it was a literal warzone. first of all, christmas in china is like new years eve in new york, it was nuts, everyone(including me later) had noisemakers, inflatable plastic bats, and santa hats. there were small skirmishes everywhere consisiting of some times 20 people bashing each other, though it was all in good fun and no one got hurt even slightly from what i saw. anyways, we went to a club later nd had a good time there, finally got home at 2 and slept till my parents called at 10, at which point i talked to them and opened my presents, now im relaxing in the internet cafe so i think this will be a nie christmas, yaay.
March 7th
Wow, its been a while, but poor little me has been Uber busy. I would have had more pics up but well, the busy thing. I DO have some cute pics of pandas rolling around but I still have to get around to getting them up. And besides that no fiels trips so no pics of those...maybe I need to start carrying my camera around and taking random pics of things. AnywaysIm still here and I hope I can stay over the summer and take more classes in chinese. Then Ill be back at the begining of UCSC's Fall semester for, wait for it....MORE CHINESE CLASSES, YAY! Well some economics classes too cause I need to graduate. Im gonna have to convince UCSC to give me a chinese major, cause due to the amount I've studied so far I deserve it. We;;,Im out for now, but look for those pics when I get them up.
Jan 22nd
Heres a new update. We just went to a panda reserve so now I got lots of pics of pandas, which ill try to get up on here soon. so cute, but the best of all were the little red pandas which look like a cross between a panda a racoon and a ferret, so from now on they shall be referred to as racoon pandas. i almost which I could take one home....oh well. The Quarter is starting out ok if you dont count the fact that my chinese teacher speaks absolutly NO ENGLISH whatsoever. eh, Im managing. Until the new pics are up, Ill see ya'll laterz