My name is Shaquana Renee Leggett. I attend A.I. Prince Tech and I am currently a Sophmore in Graphic Communications C/O 2007.  I was born August 23, 1989 in Hartford C.T. I like to play basketball & soft ball. I'm in love with Sponge Bob and Lil' Fizz. I think Iverson, Carmello Anthony, Nelly, & Ludacris are so sexy!!! Also I like to do Graphic Design and many other interesting things. I like many types of music. For instance, Rap, Reggae Dance Hall, R/B, Pop, Alternative Rock and many other things. I like to talk on the phone and watch T.V.
Sponge Bob Web
If u like Sponge Bob like I do click the link above.
Carmello Anthony
I like to talk on the phone
I like to listen to music
This is how my new school would look.
A.I. Prince Tech
I like to play Softball
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