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Our Family Album
Our Conley Ancestors
John R. (Civil War Veteran) and "Sadie" Conley
s/o David M. & Mahala Conley
d/o William & D.K. Crawel Lafferty w/ Grandsons Otis Lafferty and David Conley
John Artrip
s/o Jesse Artrup
Civil War Veteran
Ky 14th Inf. Vol. Co. A
Lucina Faverty Artrip
d/o Abigail & Joseph Faverty
Abigail Artrip Conley
d/o John & Lucina Artrip
Walter and Lillian Conley
Children of Thomas and Abigail Artrip Conley
Walter Conley, 5th from left, 1st row.  Flatwoods (Cheap) Ky. ca 1905
John "Walter" Conley
s/o Thomas and Abigail Artrip Conley
John "Walter" Conley
Taken while he was in the Army
John "Walter" Conley
James H. & Allie C. Blanton Salyers
Mindy and Mary on porch
Neva on lap of James and Ollen on lap of Allie C.
John "Walter" Conley and Neva Lee Salyers
Wedding Day - April 1921
Neva Lee Salyers and John "Walter" Conley
Nuna, James Walter, Leta, Vena Rose and Helen
Children of Neva and Walter Conley
Williams Street Homeplace - 1960's
Many changes from original homestead.
Our May Family Ancestors
Rulana Massie and John Wesley May
Civil War Veteran
s/o Malinda Hylton and Gideon May
d/o Moses Massie and Rebecca Dillion
Rulana Massie May seated on right, Martha May Lewis seated on left.  Standing left is Molly Farley May.  Standing on right is unknown.
Photo courtesy of Joanna McDonnell Newman
At homeplace in Cabell Co., West VA - Martha (dau) w/baby on left.  Malinda (dau) on left end.  Bernie May (grndson) s/o Becky May, Eustace May (son), Willard May (son), John, Rulana, Oscar (son) w/s Rube, Ottis May (son) and Ben Lewis (Martha's Husband) on right.
Photo courtesy of Joanna McDonnell Newman
Brother and Sister
Oscar and Malinda May

Photo courtesy of Joanna McDonnell Newman
Seated areOttis Roscoe and Alva Gideon.  Standing are Charles and Oscar May.  Sons of John W. and Rulana May
Oscar T. May
Holding IOOF Banner.
Oscar May's Barber Shop in West Virginia.  Brother Charlie also a barber on the right.  Unknown relative in center and in chair.
Eustace and Molly Farley May s/o John W. and Rulana May
Photo courtesy of Eva May Hooser
Mary Pennington May and Oscar w/baby Mazie Lee May
Photo courtesy of Eva May Hooser
John M. and Elizabeth Sturgill Webb and children.  Jemima Webb is standing directly behind her mother, last woman on the right.
Mary Lee Pennington
18 Years Old
d/o John W. and Jemima Webb Pennington
Mary Pennington May
Visiting her sister Nancy Barret in Indiana.
Oscar and Mary May
While living in Ironton, Ohio.
Oscar and Mary May
50th Wedding Anniversary
Jemima Webb and John W. Pennington - Residents of Denton, Carter Co., Kentucky
Our Beloved Centerion
1876 - 1978
Oscar Tapton May
Poppy to 10 - Papaw to 24
Brothers and retired barbers
Oscar and Charlie May
Oscar's surviving children in 1976 were:
     l-r Vermal May, Trusie
     Savage, Burnie May,
     Virginia Fowler, Lillian
     Ratliff and
     Joseph C. May
Oscar's deceased  children in 1976 were:
     Rube Taylor May
     Sidney Roscoe May
     Mazie Lee Hardin
     Helen Rulana Ratliff
100th Birthday Cake
O how blessed is the promise
When our spirit is set free:
To be absent from the body
Means to live, O Lord, with Thee!
- H.G.B.
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Oscar Tapton May
Born in Ironton Ohio, April 25, 1876
Raised in Cabell Co., West Virginia
Died in Scioto County, Ohio, March 4, 1978
Allie C. Blanton Salyers
d/o Jesse Blanton and Elizabeth Reed, w/o James Henderson Salyers
James Henderson Salyers
s/o Joseph F. Salyers and
Mary Jane Blanton
Husband of Allie C. Blanton
(At Allie's grave with flowers)
George W.  Blanton
Father of James Henry Blanton
GGrandfather of James H. Salyers
Photo courtesy of Linda Blankin
James Henry Blanton
Father of Mary Jane Blanton Salyers
Grandfather of James H. Salyers
Photo courtesy of Joe Conley
The people pictured below are each a part of my genetic structure.    I'm very proud of each of them and pleased to call them all "my ancestors". 

They had large families and they fought in wars.  Some of the women washed their family's laundry on washboards.  They raised gardens, canned and preserved food, raised chickens, pigs and livestock, worked in coal mines and on the railroad.  Some were also, farmers, merchants, barbers, a midwife and an Evangelist.  Education for most of them was very limited.  They survived debilitating diseases such as smallpox, and experienced severe burns and great losses.  They were strong willed people and no doubt some of them enjoyed an occasional Saturday night brawl. 

They wear the surnames of Conley, Artrip, Salyers, Blanton, Lafferty, Faverty, May, Massie, Pennington, Webb and Sturgill.

John Washington Pennington
84 Yrs. Old - 1928
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Arndt Humpel
Rulana Rachel Massie May
d/o Moses Massie and Rebecca Dillion
Photo courtesy of Larry Eugene May
John Wesley May
s/o Gideon May and Melinda Hylton
Photo courtesy of Nancy Rush
Charles May and Oscar May (in white shirts) w/Unknown 
sons/of John W. and Rulana May

Photo courtesy of Nancy Rush
John Wesley May and Will Thomas (Husband of Arrabella May)
Photo courtesy of Nancy Rush
Arrabella May and Will Thomas
d/o John Wesley May and Rulana Massey