Alumni who attended one or more of the Events for 2006

If your name is misspelled, please let us know, Thanks!

Those who registered (and there were probably some who did not) were:

Class of 1938:
Esther (Deal) Livengood
Harold and Hinda Elmore

Class of 1942:
Ralph Baker
Tom W. Miller
JoAnn (Barcafer) Leveridge

Class of 1943:
Dale Colbert
Joe and Rachel Bell

Class of 1946:
Virginia (Stout) Buckley

Class of 1949:
Gerald and Marie Casey
Clifford Earnst
Nadine (Jenkins) Treiber
Wesley Fleming
Betty (Rauh) Bruce

Class of 1950:
Archie and Juanita (Yauck) Manske
John and Euleta (Woodrum) Fiegel
Wilba (Treiber) Duggan
Velda (Butts) Hendricks

Class of 1951:
Robert Shapley
Johnnie and Bennie Brace
Dan E. Duggan
Howard and Jean (Love) Harper

Class of 1952:
Norman and Jo Ann (Hubbard) Kelln
Duane and Donna Jenkins
Bob Taylor
Leland Schibbelhute

Class of 1954:
Evelyn (Brace) Holt
Beulah (Walton) Powers
Shirley (Kelln) Eason
Gary Richard

Class of 1955:
Floyd and Mildred Treiber

Class of 1956:
Bill and Margaret Sherrill
Leo and Donna Ehrlich
Don Stout
Charlotte (Trenfield) Cumings
Wanda (Kelln) Thompson
Janice (Cully) Salmon
Don and Bonnie (Cobb) Shepherd
Gary Schwab
Jerald Schoenhals

Class of 1957:
Johnny and Shirley (Meier) Ragan
 LaVonn (Walton) Richard
Wayne Boudreau
Don and Joyce Deal
Norman and Helen Bay
Clayton and Liz Dunnihoo

Class of 1958:
Ramonia (Green) Kirkhart
Joanne (Dale) Boudreau
Kenneth Schoenhals

Class of 1959:
Donna (Dale) Ogle
Haskell Sturtz
Shirley Lorenz
Bob Fiel
Anneva (Schoenhals) Sander

Class of 1960:
Susan (Twila Jenkins) Jacobs
Doug Keffer
David Thain
Chuck Crouch
Gary Spicer
Robert and Doris (Cordell) Akers
Duane Bender
Tom Kenny
 Linda (Meier) Hutchings
Melvin and Liz (Treiber) Miller
James and Shelilah Dean
Vinata (Bolster) Park
Willa Dean (Bittman) Jacoby
Barbara (Rowlan) Owens
Jess and Linda (Gordon) Willsie
Henry and Vonna Tieding
Charles and Mary Rose (Baird) Ruff

Class of 1961:
Nolan Richardson
Joyce (Schoenhals) Dowling
Marilyn (Herber) Schoenhals
Jennifer (Schick) Spicer

Class of 1962:
James Bruce

Class of 1963:
Fred Treiber
Jim Kelln
Sherri (Beeson) Bender

Class of 1965:
Earl Schoenhals
Bobbie (Tangney) Richardson

Class of 1966:
Kathryn Miller

Class of 1967:
Ruth (Cordell) Molloy
Kay (Winters) Herman and friend Polly
Mary (Hardy) Schoenhals
Jean (Meier) Baker
Phil and Linda (Schoenhals) Stahlman
Richard Oblander

Class of 1968:
Debbie (Dale) Hatterman
Linda (Pitts) Oblander
Louise (Cordell) Rankin
Harry Kelln

Class of 1969:
Peggy (Riley) Roper

Class of 1971:
 Johnnie Busellato
Gail (Schoenhals) Petree

Class of 1972:
Cindy (Casey) Dykes
Neva (Fiegel) Treiber
Donna (Busellato) Bailey

Class of 1973:
Barth Fleming and friend

Class of 1975:
Neil and Robin Colbert

Class of 1977:
Kim (Shepherd) Thompson

Class of 1979:
Gayleen (Shepherd) Busellato
Sherry (Weeks) Robertson
Dwight Johnson

Class of 1980:
George Thomas

Class of 1981:
Stacy and Jeannette Schoenhals
Jurhee (Chaffin) Green

Class of 1982:
Randy Holley

Class of 1984:
Clint and Lanie (King) Hanshu

Class of 1985:
Regina (Akers) Lyons
Belinda (Beers) Breisch

Class of 1986:
Chuck Babcock

Class of 1987:
Lisa (Wilkerson) Babcock

Class of 1990:
Clint and Kendra Sprague
 Lance Hansen

Class of 1991:
Dusti (Stuart) Kuehne
Chad and Jamie Trendle
Sabrina (Price) Stewart

Class of 1992:
DeLyn (Foreman) Colby
Dusty Hansen

Class of 1993:
Josh Weese

Teachers present were:
Bill and Mary (Ladesma) Hemingway, she taught 1952-1954
Virda (Wingo) Imke - 1943-1945
Jeral and Linda Hansen - both taught in the 80ís and 90ís

Special guests were:
Mayor Todd Luedeke and wife Cheryl
and Elementary Principal Bill Taylor and wife Brooke.

There were several that came in to play basketball on Friday evening that did not register, plus two or three names we could not read. Next time we will probably ask for printing.
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