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Enjoy and self Improve yourself, you reached the treasure of Business Knowledge. This Site provide Links to the Best on Earth of Business Knowledge Providers. Two years surfing the links provided by this site content and you will become a knowledgeable Business Person. It is very Important to read the page How to surf this site before beginning. Enjoy and Good Luck.............Also it is recommended, if you are a music fan, to open in new window, while surfing the site My Radio Station .



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Welcome to Business this week
A summary of the world's main events from The Economist

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Market Meltdown

Most Dependable Vehicles

For the first time, the Buick brand is ranked highest in the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study.
In a study of three-year-old vehicles, Buick ties with Lexus as the most dependable brand. More…


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Strategy+Business summer 2007

The Luxury Touch
By Robert Reppa and Evan Hirsh
Superb service is the indispensable ingredient of successful high-end brands. Follow four principles to deliver customer satisfaction year after year. Read on...

The Mckinsey Quarterly
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From The Boston Consulting Group

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Research At Stanford Graduate School of Business
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MIT World™   MIT World™ is a free and open site that provides on-demand video

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  A new approach to the subjects of Marketing Training.

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Best Buy's 70 Percent Solution
By Michael Linton
Read on...

From Destination CRM
  CRM Magazine - Past Issues

CRM Magazine Archives

May 2008

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CRM   June 2007  Dirty Little Data Secrets   Custom Fits  Wise Guide  List All Contents...

CRM  May 2007  No More Dying by Inches  Too Much Pork for Just One Fork  Yackety Clack   The Big Picture   List All Contents...         

CRM    April 2007   The 2007 Service Awards: Introduction and Table of Contents  THE 2007 Service Leaders, Part 1
 The 2007 Service Leaders, Part 2   The 2007 Rising Stars and Service Excellence  List All Contents...

CRM   March 2007  Listen Up  The Potent Mesh  Intensive Care  The Enlightened Enterprise  List All Contents...

CRM       January 2007 CRM       February 2007

Listen Up
Sales experts provide 10 ideas--new and old--about the deal.

The Potent Mesh
This will be a watershed year for online marketers experimenting with the web as a channel--here's how to reach beyond the banner ad.

Intensive Care
Learn these WFM lessons to breed the best contact center forecasting, scheduling, and managing efforts.

The Enlightened Enterprise
As big businesses enter phase 2 (and for some, phase 3) of their varying CRM initiatives, these tips will refine the advance.

Introduction to Cardinal Rules: Ten for Ten--Table of Contents
10 years of getting right down to the real nitty gritty.

Customer Relationship Management: A Databased Approach
V. Kumar, Univ. of Houston
Werner Reinartz
ISBN: 0-471-27133-0
352 pages

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12manage - Management Methods, Models and More...

  A full coverage of the automotive industry.

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World of Cars Manufacturers


  Toyota Global Site
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Chevrolet Worldwide GMC
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Yukon XL




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Chevrolet Cars


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 Personal Selling and Sales Management

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Auto News & Advice from MSN, Autos


From passenger cars to pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles, find the vehicle that best fits your needs.
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From the early 1900’s, learn about GM’s history in the United States and throughout the world. Learn GM story



Mercedes-Benz History. More Than 100 Years of Tradition.


Automotive Design  From The Design Council  UK Site. 

By Chris Clements and Dr Samantha Porter

Chris Clements is a Chief Designer for the Ford Motor Company in the UK. Samantha Porter is currently a senior lecturer in Design Ergonomics at Loughborough University. Our Server.

Also please see Ergonomics, Information Design Invention, Product Design Packaging Design, Interaction Design Retail Design and Innovation  from the same site.


From Car Design online   




A Short History of Japanese Luxury Cars Tracking the short, but incredibly successful reign of Japanese luxury marques in the U.S.



  The Best Readings Content Sources on the net.

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Leader to Leader

Home About the Institute Resources Knowledge Center Collaboration
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More on Peter F. Drucker More on Charles Handy
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More on Henry Mintzberg More on John P. Kotter
More on Ken Blanchard More on Max De Pree



From Strategy+Business  

Best Business Books 2007
by Ann Graham

In 2001, when strategy+business first published this now-annual review of best business books, we knew we had a tough audience to please. Indeed, as leadership scholar James O’Toole notes in one of the following reviews, a recent New York Times article about the reading habits of successful business leaders found that they read everything but business and management books.

So every year, we look for nominees in unexpected places. We carefully select reviewers, like O’Toole, who have a wide range of experiences and perspectives, who are willing to look far and wide for the ideas and stories that executives will find most relevant to their work and their thinking.

One theme running through all the essays this year is the presence and power of human behavior in business, especially in the executive suite. Economist Diane Coyle notes that the subject of her choice for the best book on capitalism — the infamous economist Joseph Schumpeter — appreciated that the economy represents “a human order with social, political, and cultural implications.” Futurist Howard Rheingold selected three books this year on behavioral theory. They present provocative views on the ways in which network information technologies — the Internet, mobile phones, PDAs, and the like — are changing the behaviors of billions of people around the world. In reviewing the best books on human capital, R. Gopalakrishnan, executive director of the Indian multinational Tata Sons, deftly relates his observations to his own experiences managing people and watching others do it, too. MIT’s Michael Schrage and journalist Tom Ehrenfeld highlight the importance of humility to innovation and entrepreneurship, respectively. The essay by science and health-care expert Joe Flower exposes the human hopes and fears raised by the risky business of biotechnology.

Of course, our list of the year’s best business books is not complete without a selection on strategy and competition. This year, David Newkirk — the head of executive education at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business — has selected five of the best guides in print for helping executives redirect their companies in an ever-changing world.


The Best Business Books for 2007 pdf file. Or html  The list features dozens of book reviews in 11 subjects: s+b's Top Shelf ,   Innovation by Michael Schrage, Strategy  by David Newkirk, Biotech   by Joe Flower, Capitalism  by Diane Coyle, The Entrepreneurs by Tom Ehrenfeld, Behavioral Theory  by Howard Rheingold,  Human Capital  by R. Gopalakrishnan, Biography  by James O'Toole





From Strategy+Business   The Best Business Books for 2006 pdf file. Or html  This year’s reviews, written by prominent thinkers in their field, identify books to help leaders navigate the changing economic, social, technological, and political landscapes that affect the way people do business. The list features dozens of book reviews in 11 subjects: the Future, Economics, Marketing, Media, Negotiation, Strategy, Governance, Management, the Business of Defense, Fiction, and Leadership.
Read on...




   Your on line resources for the subjects of Information Technology Training.

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Forrester Research

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   In-depth articles on financial tools and to help visitors manage their finance on line.

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  All you need to know about traveling to any part of the world...

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