Stephen "Shawn" Adams was born in Chicago, Illinois, April 8, 1961 on a Saturday morning and instantly bonded with his mother in a love that will last beyond a life time.

He was an adoreable little boy and very busy and active little boy. He did everything before he should have, like he was in a big hurry to get this growing up over and done with. He walked at eight months, talked very early, in fact, I cannot remember him not talking. He was a very bright and curious little boy.

He had an older brother named Michael and although they were seven years apart in age, they adored each other. Shawn couldn't wait to get as big as Mike and do all the things big boys did. When Shawn was four years old, his baby sister Kim, was born and he adored his new baby and hugged and kissed her all the time.

He excelled in school and even as a teenager, he wanted to be with adults instead of kids his own age. He had a natural love for people and and animals, he could charm everyone, from little babies to grandmas. He love nice things and great resturants, travel and nice clothes, he worked hard to get the things he wanted. He was generous to a fault and lavished gifts on every girlfriend and his family. He loved sending flowers as a surprise to all he knew and over spent on many occasions.

Shawn wasn't a perfect person in many ways although he liked to think he was but he was a perfect son to his mom. We were very best friends. He worked on an oil rig away from home but called me everyday, sometimes twice a day.

One of his favorite songs was "My Way" and Elvis was the KING. He liked angels, roses, eagles and all birds and animals. He loved cats...

His family could not love him more and our lives are shattered by his untimely death.... He was fine up until a few hours before his death and had a little heartburn, thought it was a pinched nerver in his back when his back started hurting and he had a tingling in his arms, nothing to be alarmed about as he thought he was in such good condition. It certianly could not be anything serious. At about 11:45, he stood up from a nap and just fell over and could not be revived. Shawn was pronounced dead at 2:30 A.M. after surgery to open his blocked artery.

I still cannot understand why or how a 6'2", 180 pound young person can just take his last breath and die. He worked out, ate non-fat foods, and took his vitamin pack daily, he was never sick except for an occasional cold. He loved life and wanted to live forever. He felt he was just getting his life in a place as far as investments and the future.

He has a niece named Cassie who is handicapped and he loves her dearly, he has a nephew named Shane who he also loves. He would pick them up on his tome off and take them out for ice cream and a movie, he made it a special night out with uncle. He has a grown up niece named Sara who lives in California, but did not get to see her as much as he would like to have.

Shawn is missed by all his family and loved by all who knew him.

~What we keep in memory is ours-
unchanged- forever~

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"How Great Thou Art" sung by Shawn Adams

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