How Do I...?

How do I save the graphics from your site to my own computer?
Position your cursor over the graphic or background that you wish to save.  Right-click on your mouse.  When the pop-up menu appears, choose:  "Save Image As" or "Save Background".  Remember to note which file you save the graphics in.  Mac users:  Click mouse and hold.  Choose "Save Image". 

I have Web TV, so how can I save them?
I know absolutely nothing about Web TV, but a couple of excellent reference sites for Web TV users are WebTV guide for Webmasters and  Web TV Page Builder.  You can go here for a transloader. 

How do I save graphics using AOL?  When I download saved graphics from the web to my site I can see them on my page fine, but everyone else says they are all broken images.
For some unknown reason, by default AOL's browser compresses saved graphics in an .ART format.  This format is not recognized by any other browser (or any graphics program that I know of).  AOL users must turn off this compression to save .GIF or .JPEG images.  To do this, go to the "Members" section on the AOL menu.  Choose "Preferences" and select "WWW".  Find the "Use Compressed Graphics" box and change to "Use Uncompressed". 

How can I set up border backgrounds so that my text doesn't run into the border?
The best way is to set up a table with two columns.  If you are not familiar tables, choose View: page source from your Browser's menu to see how this one was set up.  If you still need help, try Tablemaker. The size of the left column should be slightly larger than the border width.  Most of my borders are 100 pixels wide, so I set the column size to 105 pixels.  But you must place something in this column to hold it open.  Since you won't want a graphic occluding part of your border, use a transparent .gif.   You can save mine to your disk by right-clicking  your mouse on the box below.

Transparent .GIF
I use Microsoft Internet Explorer and my home page looks just fine to me.  But my friend uses Netscape and says that my page is blank except for the background.  Why?
Check to see if you are missing a closing table tag.  If you inadvertently leave out  the </table> command, everyone using Netscape will see a background and nothing else on your page.

I really like ____ set, but I need/want it with another color background. Could you just change the background color for me?
No.  It may sound easy but it's not.  This almost always requires making an entire new set.

How can I get a personalized button or banner made to match one of your sets?
Due to too many requests and time restraints (my real job keeps interfering with the rest of my life) I regretfully can no longer make free personalized banners or buttons to match my sets.  If you don't have a graphics program,  I will make them for you for a small fee (refer to my Pricing Guide Page), or you can download a free 30 day working copy of Paint Shop Pro and  do it yourself.  It's not hard and I always list which font is used in making each set. 

So how do I add text to a blank button using Paint Shop Pro?
I don't explain things well, that's why I don't offer tutorials here.  But I'm asked this question so often I'll give it a try.  Save the blank button that you want to add text to your own disk or hard drive.  Remember where you saved it and it's name.  Open PSP, click on "File" then "Open".  When the window pops up change to the file that you saved the graphic in and click on it's name to open it.   Don't use the original graphic in case you make a mistake, click on "Edit" then "Copy" then pick "Paste as new image".  You will now be working with a copy of the original graphic.  Click the top color on the color pallet at the right of the screen and choose a color for your text.  Click on the "A" on the top tool bar then click on the image to open the text window.  Choose the font that you want from the ones listed, making sure that Antialias and Floating are checked.  Pick a size that you want for your font then type in the text that you want on the button and click "OK".  The words that you typed will appear sort of blurry and moving on the button.  Click and hold your mouse over the words and you can move it any where you want to.  Click again when you have them where you want them.  You can add special effects by clicking on "Image" at the top of the screen and choosing "effects".  You can drop a shadow, add a cut-out effect, etc.  If at any time you do something that you don't like, click on "Edit", then "Undo" and try it again.  When you are happy with the text on your button be sure to give it a name and save it by clicking on "File" then "Save as". 

You say your sets can be used for free on "personal, non-profit sites" that are suitable for all ages, providing I give you credit. What exactly do you mean by that?
To me, this means any page that is not selling, advertising or promoting anything for monetary gain or profit.  A site suitable for all ages should be self-explanatory.   My fee for commercial or for-profit site use is very reasonable.  If you are in doubt, e-mail me and I'll look at your page and decide.  Web site designers or people who make web pages for others may NOT use my graphics for free.  If you think you can sneak by using one of my sets on a for-profit site, you might want to think twice.  You'd be surprised how often I get e-mails from people who recognize my sets on for-profit or adult sites and let me know.   Trust me, I'll eventually find out.  When I do, you will then receive a not-so-friendly e-mail from me telling you to remove my set immediately or pay the commercial usage fee (refer to my Pricing Guide Page). 

I can't find the font you used in making a set.  Can you send it to me or tell me where to find it?  Can't you include the fonts that you use on your sets for us to download?
Unfortunately, no.  I have over 400 fonts on my computer, from both commercial Font CD's and the many free font archives on the web.  I do not know which are freeware and which are not.  Even if they are freeware, I don't keep track of where I found each font.  I suggest that you check some of the wonderful font archives for the font you are looking for.  If you can't find it, it is most probably not freeware.  A few of my favorite sites are the Fontpool, Font Mania, Font Freak , Larabie Fonts and Chankstore Freefont Archive.  Please note that not all fonts found on some of these sites are freeware, some are shareware and require a small fee to use.

I tried to use some of the buttons from one of your sets with another background and it didn't look right.  How can I get them to work with another background?
You can't.  That's why they are called sets, they are made to be used together.  They are not transparent .GIF's and the separate components will not work with other backgrounds.

How do I get rid of that annoying blue line around all my graphic links?
Add BORDER="0" to your image tags in the HTML source.  This will remove the link box from around your image.

I think I'd like to try making graphics, how do I start and what programs do you recommend? 
I use Paint Shop Pro and a neat plug-in called  Blade Pro.  Both are available for download on the Web and are very reasonably priced.   You can download a 30 day working copy of Paint Shop Pro for free but you will get no support or instruction manual until you purchase it.

*I got Paint Shop Pro but I'm having a hard time learning how to use it, can you help me?
*I like how you did ___ effect, can you tell me how you did it?
Sorry, but no.  Instructions are too complicated to send via e-mail and I am terrible at explaining things, even if I had the time.  I suggest going to some of the great PSP tutorial sites on the Web.  Some excellent ones are:  State of Entropy WebgraphicsWeb Graphics on a Budget, T. Michael Clark's PSP TutorialsThe Hood, and Paint Shop Pro 5 Digital Art Gallery.  Practice, be patient and keep at it, it will come with time.

I'd like to have a web page and use some of your graphics, but I have no idea how to do it.  Can you help me/tell me how to make a web page? I'm amazed at how frequently I'm asked this question.  The answer is no, it takes entirely too much time to do for free.  Get some books and read about making web pages or get a HTML editing program.  If you really can't figure it out or don't have the time, I am available for web site development at my regular hourly charge (refer to my Pricing Guide Page).  To see samples of some sites that I've designed & developed (besides this one), go to Shawna's Genealogy PageHuron Gastroenterology Associates, Dr. Ala Imam, M.D., Oakland Heartburn and Reflux Center or Oakland Gastroenterology Associates.

I e-mailed a question or comment to you and you never responded
Some days I get over 50 e-mails regarding my graphics and I almost never have time to respond to all of them.  And I do not respond to questions that have already been answered on this page, sorry.  If you e-mailed me to let me know that you have used some of my graphics, I appreciate it very much but you may not get a reply back.

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