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I offer no disclaimers.
I thought that the artist of this picture was rather good and I suggest if you like it, you should check him out by clicking the picture.
I am a writer. I am nineteen years old. I attend Northern Michigan University in the fall and winter.
My major is Secondary Education with a basis in English. My minor is in Spanish. I hope one day to teach ESL. And I'd love to go to Europe. Maybe I'll student-teach in Spain...
Anyway, when my day is done, all I want to do is either snuggle, curl up with a good book, or write. And I'm afraid lately, the last item has been sorely neglected.
This problem will soon be corrected.
Thank you.
I'm really into this band. I'd check out their website if you can... and listen to their music... Click on the picture to get to the site.
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