Hayley Wickenheiser       
Here are some awesome links!
Hope you have fun on them and learn stuff{ you knew that ;) }
Have Some Fun!

 A music video site-- www.launch.yahoo.com
 A fun way to make cool buttons-- www.flamingtext.com
 My personal site with my best friend-- www.britshaybudz4ever.piczo.com

 A sort of educational gaming site-- www.popcap.com
 Another game site-- www.coffeebreak.com
 This is a really awesome site of Billy Talent -- www.billytalent.com 
 Here is Cassy's website-- www.freewebs.com/shortycass
 Here is another music site-- www.hollywoodrecords.com
 Here is Cara's site-- www.freewebs.com/hockey_angel17
 Here is Brooke's site-- www.freewebs.com/smallshake16cookie
 Here is Dakota's site-- www.sportchick26.funtigo.com
 Here is Maris Miller's site-- www.miller11.piczo.com
 This is a fun site to go on-- www.habbohotel.ca