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  We Still Need Your Help:
Our Ministry at World Youth Day was a success, while there we ministered to over 17 thousand youth from all over the world, but unexpected debts arose…

 Sheep Live at WYD:
To help with our fundraising efforts we are taking Pre-Orders for our next CD “Sheep Live at World Youth Day”…


  Sheep Merchandise Available:
We still have Sheep merchandise. Yes this official Band from World still has shirts, hats and touques, cherish the memories, and buy the stuff….

  WYD Pictures:
Here it is what you have been requesting, links to various sites with WYD pics... Including our very own “Captain Canada” Chad …

  Join our Group:
Well not literally, but if you click here you will be able to access our new newsletter and find out what’s happening in the world of sheep…

      Supernatural Love:

 We still have copies of          Supernatural Love available at these fine Christian stores, If you know of a store that doest carry it contact us”…


  Sign the guestbook:
Sign the Sheep Guestbook by clicking here….

 Sheep Music on MP3.com:
Listen to music, by James O’Neill, Ed Dela Luna, Derek Darling and Kevin Eng by Clicking here…



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Edward Dela Luna & James O’Neill 

Ministry Coordinators for Sheep Music Ministries




“Sheep” at the CNE, World Youth Day 2002, Donna,Kevin, Jamie, Ed & Joe                              


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