Dumb's foot
During late 2001, my TB mare Dumb (really called "Dear Jule's) was lame on and off in both of her fore legs.  It was initially blamed on her tendons.  She had seedy toe in both feet, but my farrier led me to beleive that it wasn't severe, and wouldn't cause lameness.  However after being shod on the 1st of December, it was plainly obvious that she was very, very lame in her near fore hoof.  My then-farrier said "don't worry, if she is still lame in a week, give me a call".  I immediately got a second opinion, and it seemed she had a rotated pedal bone.  This was because the seedy toe destroyed the supports for her pedal bone.  With nothing for the bone to attach to, it rotated downwards towards the sole.  After several xrays, it was decided that she needed bar shoes.  The following pages are a photo diary of Dumb's progress ....
A close up of the hoof prior to being reshod.  Note the weak, crumbling wall.
Here's her hoof without the shoe,  Dumb's foot is so fragile that the Farrier wanted the new bar shoe put on, thus stabilising the pedal bone, before cutting out any of the seedy toe
Dumb's near fore hoof, prior to being reshod with the bar shoe
A view of the sole.  Dumb's sole is so thin, that (from the xrays) there is only about 1/8" - 1/16" of sole left.
Click here for pics of Dumb's first shoeing with the bar shoe