Dumb's page
Here are some photos of my lovely horse "Dumb".  Yes, I know that you are thinking that I'm mean calling her Dumb, but she is pretty stupid sometimes.  I was forever muttering "stupid dumb cow" when she refused to be caught, or "dumb b****" when she played up.  After a while she started to answer to Dumb and since she never answered to the name she came with (Abby), "Dumb" it was.

While Dumb is a bit dumb, she is also quite clever.  She's a multi skilled horse who competes in the show ring with some sucess, dressage (runs hot and cold), showjumping (crash and burn), sidesaddle (pretty good), Navigation rides (good), Horse trials/Eventing (very good) and general slobbing about.  Not bad for a stupid ol' thoroughbred, eh?  And she had Willow the Wonder Foal (Shelby Leo Gold) before recommencing her competition career.

Here's some photos of some of Dumb's exploits.  Please excuse the poor photography!
Dumb and the Burning bush - I think light got into the film or something.  January 1994
Dumb in the summer of 1998