Australian Pony Club

While Pony Club exists through out the world, the rules and regulations can vary greatly. On this website I will be creating several pages with rules and information on Australian Pony Club and it's competitions. I will primarily be using the rules of one of the State branches of the Australian Pony Club, The Pony Club Association of Victoria.

The pages will include information on attire, rules, jump heights, speeds, dressage and prix caprilli etc for use in model horse showing. I intend to update this page over the next few weeks, however if you need pony club information quickly, please email me at

You can access the Pony Club Association of Victoria site for some basic information. I do plan to get a full information page up at some time!

Page Contents
Attire and tack Correct Pony Club Attire and tack for various disciplines
Prix Caprilli Information on the Prix Caprilli, a combination of a dressage test and jumping.
Permitted Bits Bits allowed in Pony Club Dressage, Prix Caprilli, Horse trials and combined training Dressage and Showing