Speak of the Devil

aka Ozzy


AQHA - A2-1873
AmQHA - 5031549
Chestnut QH colt born 1/10/06 0530hrs
Sire - Glenlock Devil's Joker Q 50804
AmQHA reg - 4439891
Dam - Shelby Leo Gold A1-8513
AmQHA reg - X0626515

In 2005, my TB mare Dear Jules slipped her foal to Glenlock Devil's Joker. As Dear Jules was put down later that same year, I decided to put my mare Shelby Leo Gold - Dear Jules' daughter - to "Joker" for the return service. And Ozzy was the result!

Willow at approx 11 months pregnant Willow seemed to take well to being pregnant, even though sometimes she looked like a whale.
The peanut gallery When I got to the horse paddock, I found all the other horses were standing there, gawking at the yards
When I got to the yards, I found I had a lovely colt foal, whom I named Ozzy.
Ozzy in his halter Oz seemed to be going along fine for the first hour or so, but then be became very quiet and was sleeping sitting up - not a good thing. So the vet came out and sure enough, he was in urinary retention. So after a couple of ultra sounds and a catheterisation, he suddenly improved out of site and hasn't had any problems since. He was a bit slack in the hind pasterns but with a few days of locking up and some corrective appliances, he's now fine.