Shelby Leo Gold

aka Willow

99 Palomino Quarter Horse Mare
AusQHA reg - A1-8513
AmQHA reg - X0626515
ASHS reg - C1-163944
Sire - Nevada Leo Wimpy Q 27188
Dam - Dear Jules ASB (TB) 234953

Shelby Leo Gold is my dual registered AusQHA/ASH filly. Check out her pedigree at the AusQHA studbook and/or at the Australian Stock Horse Society Studbook.

In 1998, I decided to put my thoroughbred mare Dear Jules (aka Dumb) in foal. I was looking for a nice, quiet yet athletic stallion with a great deal of "sense" to counteract Dumb's 'dizzyness'.
Nevada Leo WimpyI looked at a few stallions, but decided on Nevada Leo Wimpy, a Quarter Horse stallion who happened to reside on my agistment property. I knew Wimpy well, and had seen many of his foals (lovely types, with superb temperments).

So Dumb went off to meet Wimpy, and with a little coaxing (and a hormone shot) she came in season and soon was in foal.

very pregnant Here's Dumb in late 99, looking very pregnant. She was infact 10 days overdue when this picture was taken.
On the 21st of October 1999 I was at Victoria University, about to do my final presentation to complete my nursing degree. Just before I went in to present, I checked my mobile's message bank. There was a message from Noel, the stud's owner - "Shelly, please call me as soon as you get this message". I rang Noel straight away, and he told me that Dumb had a filly (I'd wanted a colt) and it was PALOMINO! I couldn't beleive it - I thought I would get another bay or a chestnut, but not palomino. I was wrapt.

My lecturers allowed me to present first and leave straight away (I was supposed to stay and listen to everyone else's presentations - yeah right!). Steve (my boyfriend and ever fathful chauffeur) and I flew across town to the paddock to find one tired Dumb and a very pink foal.

Her first photo She was so tiny and SO PINK! Everything about her was pink - skin, hair, mane and tail, hooves, eyes, whiskers. All pink.
So pink! And not shy either. Dumb wasn't fazed about the gawking two-legged creatures that were clustered around her foal, as long as the two legs continued to bring food. The foal just looked at the two legged creatures with a perplexed, bewildered expression.
In the paddock So Dumb and her little foal called "Willow" (yes, I am a Buffy fan) ventured out to the paddock.
Not pink any more - now she's yellow By 2 weeks of age, all the pinkness was gone, and she was a proper palomino.
Mud Pack by six weeks, she had become more independant, exploring by herself and finding things to investigate. Here she is, carefully applying a mud pack - grrr
Thirsty Dumb had qualified for the 2000 Royal Melbourne Horse show. I decided that if both she and Willow could cope with being seperated for short periods and if Dumb was holding weight, then I would take her. So at only two months old, Willow attended her first Royal Show. Will stayed in the stable while Dumb was worked, or in a class. In between each class, Dumb went back to the box to be with Willow. Willow (who was halter broken by this stage) even came up to the exercise area on a lead line to watch her mother work. We got so many comments like "gee that foal is quiet" and "did that palomino really come out of that bay mare" etc. Will was such an angel. Dumb did well too - a fourth and a fifth.
By 4 months of age, some smutting started to appear in Willow's coat - courtesey of her father's smutting genes. I was initially disapointed as she wouldn't be able to pass PA/APHA (palomino registry) classification, but the thought of her turning her father's colour was also very appealing ....
Buffalo Willow By 7 months of age, she looked like some kind of freaky yellow buffalo. Seriously, her coat was so long and her head so out of proportion, we were querying Cushing's disease! And she was SO FILTHY as the mud would just clump in her 3 inch coat (I'm not exagerating - her body hair was three inches long!). Thankfully, her winter coats have not been as bad since ....
So that's Willow's first year of life. More pages will follow eventually
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