Appaloosa models

Some of Shelby Park's Appaloosa models.
Please note - none of these models are for sale.

Shelby Lightnin' Flash
Shelby Lightnin Flash
Multi champion in english and western events in photo, online and live shows.
Breyer Connoisseur model "Quarter Flash"
Shelby Colida Bay Shelby Colida Bay
OF Breyer #3095 Brenda Breyer Gift Set
foal Unnamed
2005 Breyer Walmart SR
Zippa Dee Day Zippa Dee Day
Stone THHN "Copywrite" SR
SP Shakermaker SP Shakermaker
OF Breyer #701902 2002 Mid states SR "Shakopee"
Shelby Shynoah Shelby Shynoah
OF Stone #9985 Shynoah
Nevada Colida Bars Nevada Colida Bars
Breyer #823 OF
Shelby Colida Night Shelby Colida Night
Breyer #168 Scratching foal
Shelby Colida Power Shelby Colida Power
Breyer #711 LE Breezing Dixie.
This is the version with the slate grey hand painted hooves - I also have the airbrushed hooves version.
I took this photo before I actually knew how to fit western halters :-P
Gamblin' Man Gamblin Man
OF Stone #975 'Bingo' SR
Shelby Gotta Gamble Shelby Gotta Gamble
Stone Bingo Too.
Ima Naughty Zip Ima Naughty Zip
Breyer QVC Presentation SR
Shelby Night Light Shelby Night Light
Breyer #410392 SR Night Vision
Skippa Dude Skippa Dude
OF Breyer #810
Shelby Colita Shelby Colita
OF 98 Sears Wishbook twin foals SR
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