Arabian & Derivative models

Some of Shelby Park's Arabian models.
Please note - none of these models are for sale.

Nautical Bey Nautical Bey
OF Breyer SR "Nautical"
Golden Knight Golden Knight
OF Stone SR
foal Unnamed
CM Resin "Brandy"
Unnamed Mare and Foal
OF Breyer Connoisseur SR "Decoupage and Impressionistic Page"
Darjaani Darjaani
OF Breyer Black Horse Ranch SR
I had admired this particular model since the late 80's. I was lucky enough to purchase him a couple of years ago.
Graceful Knight Graceful Knight
OF Stone "Cass O'Nova" SR - Matte variation
Keysar Keysar
OF Breyer PAM
My first Trad scale Breyer, purchased at the 1987 Royal Melbourne Show from the Breyer Stand - back when Krys Graves was the Australian Breyer Dealer.
Shelby Court Jester Shelby Court Jester
OF Breyer PAF
Keysar's son (despite the mold being a filly!), purchased shortly after I got Keysar. The matching stallion arrived a couple of months later :-)
Shelby Sargent Major Shelby Sargent Major
OF Breyer PAS
Purchased to complete my proud Arab set, these were my first three breyers and my first "family". The costume in the photo is one that Darjaani (see above) wore to many arabian costume wins in the 80's and 90's. I missed out on purchasing Darjaani in the early 90's, but I managed to buy the costume he wore from his former owner, Helena Mayer. I got Darjaani himself a decade later.
Shelby Desert Impressions Shelby Desert Impressions
OF Breyer
Shelby Askari Rose Shelby Askari Rose
OF Breyer CE "Bloody Shouldered Arab"
Bint Almira Bint Almira
RH PAF by Cheryl Ridge circa 1988
Black Gold Black Gold
OF Breyer "Black Stallion Returns set" - The Black
Shelby Primadonna Shelby Primadonna
OF Breyer "Lady Roxanna"
Shown as an Arabian Pony, not because she's particularly good as an AP, but because she's crap as an Arab.
Shelby somethingorother can't remember the name
OF Breyer Princess of Arabia set
I have both the grey and the red roan/fleabitten grey versions. This is the grey one.
Shelby Lasting Impressions Shelby Lasting Impressions
OF Breyer
Wearing my first homemade halter
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