Paint models

Here are some of my Paint models.
Please note - none of these models are for sale.

Unnamed mare Unnamed
OF Breyer Treasure Hunt Lady Phase - short tail variation
Unnamed Unnamed
OF Breyer SR "Rocky Road"
Wapasha Unnamed
OF Breyer #701845 Mid States SR "Wapasha"
Shelby Cool Miracle Shelby Cool Miracle
Painted by Kate Fisher
Angelus Angelus
#9987 Stone "Bright Angel"
Jule's Jem Jule's Jem
OF Breyer Paint mare
Prairie Art Prairie Art
OF Stone #9961 Ratchett
Painted Porche Painted Porche
Breyer OF 99 JAH SR "Special Delivery"
Make My Day Make My Day
Stone 2000 Country Fair SR "Clint"
This was the first Stone ISH casting to have long mane and short tail.
Fortune Hunter Fortune Hunter
Breyer 98 Sears Legacy gift set SR
Nite Life Nite Life
OF Stone #TB20000 Nite Spot
Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona
Breyer QVC 02 SR "Phoenix Rising"
Stardust Showgirl Stardust Showgirl
OF Stone 2002 MH Jambouree "Enduring Freedom" SR
Shelby Princess Leah Shelby Princess Leah
OF Breyer 2000 BreyerFest Dinner SR "Leah's Fancy Chick"
Shelby Above The Law Shelby Above the Law
OF Breyer 2000 BreyerFest Tent SR "Leah's Fancy Breyer"
Shelby Dark Shadow Shelby Dark Shadow
OF Breyer #700399 1999 tour model "Cricket & Willow"
Tickle Me Bandit Tickle Me Bandit
OF Breyer #1127 Silky Keno LE
Poco Four Stars Poco Four Stars
OF Stone WE 21000 Parr's Dream Doll
Shelby Texas Ranger Shelby Texas Ranger
OF Breyer #772 Paint Foal
Shelby Goldmine Shelby Goldmine
OF Breyer 1998 Sears Legacy Giftset SR
Jules Pet Jules Pet
OF Breyer
Shelby Special Chance Shelby Special Chance
OF Breyer JAH SR “Confetti”
Strait Arrow Strait Arrow
Repainted by unknown
OF Breyer SM lying foal

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